Any Spanish/Barcelona Unicyclists here?

Hi there, I’m just wondering if there are any unicyclists on this forum that are from Spain.

I’m going to Barcelona on holiday this Christmas with my family to see relatives, and Joe Hodges is also tagging along to do some riding in the famous trials parks in Barca. I know of fellow biketrials riders in the city, but wondering if there are any trials/street unicyclists in particular, that live in or near Barcelona who would be willing to meet up and ride with us as well?

If anyone else knows of any unicyclists, then pop his MSN/email address to me, or their username, so I can get in contact with them. THe only Spanish rider I really know of is the guy who rides for Monty.

I’m from Spain, but I’m live far from Barcelona, but in (forum from Spain) There are some unicyclist from Barcelona.:wink:

yeahhhhhhhhhh, I’m from barcelona i’m not a uni master, but I have other friend taht rides reallly well.
It will be really nice to meet in barcelona with unicyclist from all over the world.

Hi sponge, there are some unicyclist in Barcelona, but they dont read this forum very often. I will tell them you are going and they will be glad to ride with you. Im from Madrid but we are planing to go to Barcelona for so long, so perhaps we will go this christmas an share a ride we you.

I recomemded you to go to Sabadell trial park ( near from Barcelona). I think it is the biggest trial park in Europe.

Here are some photos:

You can see more photos here

and here

Hope you enjoy it and I wish I’ll there to see you!! :smiley:

Yeap!!! I supose that means that we’ll have a great time doing crazy trials this X-mas in Barcelona!!:smiley: Im a guy from BCN, we are a few here riding unitrials and we’ll be glad to meet you!
heres my msn: