Any Seattle shops sell unis?

You used to be able to buy Schwinns at Aurora Cycle before it was bought out by Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle. Now, at either shop, you can pick up whatever the daily Taiwanese special is. Sometimes it’s Torker, sometimes it’s United, unfortunately sometimes it’s Savage.

Aurora Cycle
7401 Aurora N.
(206) 783-1000

Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle
7007 Woodlawn NE
(206) 523-1822

Most large bicycle shops in the area will also carry the Taiwanese flavor of the month.

Any Seattle shops sell unis?

Well we’re heading down to Seattle this weekend and just wondered if
there are any shops down there that sell Semcycle XL’s or Schwinns or
the like …


No local shops stock Semcycle or Miyata. The local shops can get you a Savage, Torker, or United. Of the three the Torker is the best quality uni, but it comes with that tiny seat. The Savage and United were the horrible lollipop design.

A local shop used to stock Semcycle unicycles but he moved his shop across the Sound to Port Townsend. The shop owner is a unicyclist.

Bicycles West used to carry Schwinn and I have seen Schwinn unicycles in their shops. They might still have a Schwinn uni sitting in their warehouse. Give them a call before you get here and they might be able to grab you one, but it’s a long shot. They have several shops in the area. The one in Lynnwood will probably be the closest one for you.

Bicycles West
18505 Alderwood Mall Pkwy
(425) 672-2777

I’m not sure if that is the current address for the Lynnwood store. They had a fire last year and the shop was temporarily relocated a short distance away.


Re: Any Seattle shops sell unis?

Thanks Jon, that’s really helpful.


Re: Any Seattle shops sell unis?

Velo Bike Shop (206) 325-3292 on Capitol Hill, near downtown used to carry
Miyatas. I don’t know if they still carry them.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA