Any riders in the mammoth mountain area? 27th-30th

My current plan is to be at mammoth to mountain uni 2 of the days by myself, and the other days I will mountain bike with my father most likely. If anyone is in the area, I’d love to ride some muni at the mountain with you.

I think I will be there (riding) on the days of the 27th-30th

Oh man, I don’t have a Muni right now, but if I did I would love to ride Uptown/Downtown.

I’d love to ride there someday. Heard about it from Roger Davies, who was there in 1995 or so. Got his picture taken for a UK mountain biking magazine! It might make a nice location for a future MUni Weekend, but you would need a whole weekend’s worth of riding…

I wonder if mammoth has any weird rules like that you must have brakes. That would mean I could only ride my 29er