Any riders in russia ?


I am going to Cherepovets, RU during a few months at the end of february. It is 400km far from Moscow and St-Petersbourg. Are there any unicyclists there ?

manuel.pellizzari (a.t) gmail (d.o.t.) com


I searched on google and in russian and couldn’t find anything.

you might try the guy at this website : He lives in Houston, TX but has contacts in Russia.

There’s a way to contact him from that site.

There are some in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Check out, all in russian though.

Thank you, i will try that.

I don’t speak russian at all, but i am starting to learn. For the moment, i succeeded in registering on the forum. But i would like to understand the different topics of the newsgroup before posting some questions. Learning how to use a newsgroup is a way to learn a bit of the language and practice the reading somehow.


I suggested making a guest section for people like you to be able to get in touch with russians. I think you can use the thread to ask in English until the guest section has been made. You could also PM Nitka who is promoting the community and speaks English, too.

I am always happy to help with russian or contacts in the Baltics, Russia and Ukraine.