Any riders in New York City?

I’m working in the city for about 5 weeks and I decided it would be cool to ride my 29" around… Although, having walked the crazy streets it would be great to have someone act as a guide before I tackle them by myself.

I’m actually in Hoboken, but make my way over to near time square just about every day. Hope I can find someone to ride with!

If you’re in New York come and check out our show

The New York Unicycle Club

Wow, that’s tomorrow… I’m going to miss it though because I’m working. Thanks for the link though, I’ll try to get in contact with someone from the club.

I live in NYC. I haven’t been to one of those meetings yet, but I plan to soon.

I just sent my trials to Europe and a muni 24" is on the way as a trade.

I have no idea how well a 24 keeps up with a 29, but I wouldn’t mind riding.

email me with the address from the website. Maybe someone rose from the club can ride with you.

I live near and often go to the city. Im in the Uniatic club and it would be cool to ride
29ers together. PM me if you want to ride. And to Cps10 since you live in the city you should come down to the club one day.

I’m a member of the Unatics, too, though I haven’t been to a meeting in a while, unfortunately :(, but I do blast through the city daily - it’s my urban transportation - and I’d enjoy having someone to ride with.

I do ride rather aggressively, though, so if you’re looking for a leisurely cruise, I’m not the one to ride with…

LOL, that’s an understatement! How’s in going, Andrew? Long time no see…

Thanks Dave. I’m doing pretty good, keeping very busy. I’d like to get over to a Unatics meeting on a nice day some time soon. I bought new spokes for my Coker, so once I get the rim laced up, I plan to show up.

My Coker has been handling kind of funny in hard turns and I’m not sure if it’s due to the TA tire I don’t like, the amount of air pressure in my tire, my rim being in sad shape do to a dead spoke or two, or a combination of these factors. Whatever the cause, the result was an UPHC, or UnPlanned Headstand on my Chin :astonished: . It sort of felt like the rim compressed and folded before I was ejected off the one-wheeler mid turn. I had a decent amount of speed because banking the Coker into a severe lean requires enough speed to carry you through the turn. The UPHC happened very quickly and I think for for some reason I just barely got my hands out in front of myself in time, perhaps because I was already closer to the ground from having banked the Coker into the turn. In any case, the angle of impact didn’t help me either and so I wound up literally doing a headstand on my chin on the corner of Beekman and South Street. It felt like my back was arched to a severe degree and my feet were where my head normally is. The helmut I wasn’t wearing wouldn’t have protected me at all in this incident, unless perhaps it had a chin strap - which I suppose could have prevented my scraped up chin. I was very relieved that I didn’t wind up getting hurt beyond a scraped chin, arms, and palms.