Any riders in Miami FL area?

I’ll be at the Virginia Key Grassroots Music festival Feb 9 - 12, 2012, and, since I’m flying Southwest, unicycles fly free! I’m there for the music, but a couple hour muni/uni ride would great.

Anyone around Miami or that area wanna ride?

i live in miami

MUni? More like SUni (swamp unicycling). The highest natural point in South Florida is just 24 feet above sea level.

If you go all the way to Jacksonville on the exact opposite end of the state, you can get to the highest point in Florida, Britton Hill, a whopping 345 feet above sea level.

Geez, Tom. Nice to live in Cali and all, but don’t get snobby about it. FYI, there are fun MTB trails all over Florida.

From Miami

I’m from S. Miami near Tropical Park where I ride a lot,
but I’m still a beginner :astonished:


Daniel & Bela -

Thanks for getting back to me. I know there are MTB trails in Amelia Earhardt (sp) PArk in Miami. I’ll be at the music festival, and, without another muni guy to ride with there, I may just use my uni to get around the festival. Come by, we’ll be some frisbee-throwing guys near a rented RV, parked for the four-day festival.