Any riders in Knoxville, Tenn?

I will be in Knoxville for a weekend in March. I plan to take a unicycle and do some riding even if it is just in the hotel parking lot.

Is there anybody out there who rides in the Knoxville area?

Eddie lives only about 50 min. from Knoxville. Perhaps the Plateau group could rendezvous with you. Also, Chirokid lives abput 50 min. on the other side of Knoxville, too. Rumor has it that there are a few new riders in Knoxville but I know no specifics.


Looks like it will be just me and my unicycle riding around the hotel parking lot…all alone…with no uni friends. :frowning:

Tennessee riders
looks like there’s at least two.

two years late

I think I’m the only rider in knoxville. I’ve never met another unicyclist in real life. I’m two years late replying to this message but it’s the only one I found when seardching for unicyclists in knoxville. If anyone else finds it (maybe two years from now) please look me up.

see you in two more years!

I seriously love you! (starts slow clap with all the forum members(meaning congrats))


Thanks for your reply. I have no current plans to re-visit Knoxville but if you find yourself in Memphis, be sure to look us up.

It has been another 2 years. Have you found any uni friends in Knoxville?

Yes, there are others here now. The sport is gowing.

There’s a facebook page for Knoxville unicyclists.

Also, I’ve sponcered a unicycling club at the highschool where I teach.

Here are some great places to ride around Knoxville. Message me if you want a close detailed view of any park, greenway, trail, or area.