Any Riders In Harrisonburg/Augusta County, Virginia Area?

Just wondering if there any riders in the area to Muni or Trials ride with. It would suck to be atop a mountain alone and break something.

Re: Any Riders In Harrisonburg/Augusta County, Virginia Area?

I live in the middle of Harrisonburg.

I’m just learning, and can’t do trials yet (but if you wanna teach me…) but I’m working on hills and stuff. I just found out today that there are bike trails 2 blocks from my house! I can’t believe I never went west from my street before! Right now I’m riding on a very slick skinny street tire, but my order for a mountain tire should be coming in January–I’ll be more up for Muni after that. I’m having some issues with sliding down hills sideways with my current tire. :frowning:

im in dc and the rest of hell on wheel is in richmond. if you are in the area just give us a call!

I was up by DC two weeks ago, along the Mount Vernon bike trial. Made it 10 miles before my crank arm broke and I had to walk the rest back to my car…:frowning:

Skippii Siting?

Hey Skippii’
Was that you I saw last night? I was driving by JMU and my wife said hey there’s a guy riding a unicycle. It was about 7:15 thurs. night on rt. 11. The uni had a cool blinking tail light.

Re: Skippii Siting?

Yeah! That was me. :slight_smile:

Got the blinking light at Mark’s Bike shop on 11–works great, and I’ve modified it to take AAs.

When you get your off road tire and if you want to ride Muni with an old guy give me a shout.

Dude! After I get my hub done we totally need to ride! PM me if you feel like it!

Dude! After I get my hub done we totally need to ride! PM me if you feel like it!


I live in the Rockbridge area and come to Augusta every now and then. I live in the city of Lexington.

I’m in Richmond, if you’re ever going to be in the area definitely hit me up. I ride muni, Street/trials, and distance so I’d be down for just about anything you want to ride. There are some great spots in Richmond for all types of riding and I’d love to show you around and ride lots.

Also, keep your eyes out for the Congress of Jugglers 2013 around March or so of next year. It’s held all weekend at the University of Maryland and we usually make Saturday a unicycle day. Uni games like hockey and uni-ball plus some street and trials around the campus.

If you’re on Facebook find the group DC Uni to stay up to date on rides and events around the area.