any riders in Barrie?

nah dude lol i have to warn you though im really not great at unicycling…i can only hop sometimes lol but if you still want to ride with me and my bro im down :sunglasses:

dude atleast your someone to ride with… and besides all teach you some new stuff… where abouts in barrie do you live?

i kinda live close to downtown you live here dude?

tell me where to meet one day and me and my little bro with go with you unicycling

hey i just moved to barrie in the summer so i donno where down town is… i live near the allendale arena… its like near little and bayview…anyways anytime is good for me just give me a shout i gave you my msn and cell number… maybe thisweekend?

Yo dude I know exactly where that is. Maybe some weekend we could meet up there or somethin…My mom probably would drive me there and we could unicycle around Private message me your cell and (only if you want to) your adress

peace out dude