any riders in Barrie?

live in Barrie and wouldnt mind riding with more people,

I have a new coker and a MUni
Up for a ride??

WOW, 208 views and nobody posts a reply.

Anyway, where is Barrie?? I live in Iowa.


HA HA Barrie is just north of Toronto Ontario

I head up to Hardwood Hills from Toronto quite often. In fact, I’ll be up there this Friday (late afternoon till closing). You want to do a MUni ride?

E-mail me carl[ @ ]


Hey Carl thanks, I wouldnt mind a ride at hardwood at all. I just
e-mailed you dont know if it’ll work, get back to me if possible

HEy UNi GUy,
I’m going up to my cottage from the 12 to 26 of july it’s in craig leith. Maybe we could ride on blue mountain. Are you the guy that me and my brother saw at Bedfords shop a couple weeks back? Buy a Trials Uni, you’ll be happier if you do. I think collingwood is gonna be awesome for trials.


I’ll be in borden for 4 months starting in the middle of august. It would definetly be cool to have a riding partner.:slight_smile:
I know it’s not immedietly but august will be here soon.

hey Logan yeah I do think it was me you saw, I was with my hot ex gf haha, and you were with your brother correct??.. Now your the one who taught your older brother right? but yeah forsure when you head up this way try to drop me a line on my e-mail… And pickydoo was it?? augusts a ways away but not to worry I’ll still want someone to ride with, same tto you try to e-mail me some time.

two quick things, sorry I meant to write spickydoo, and collingwood is pretty good for riding period Logan, should be fun.

Re: any riders in Barrie?

UNI GUY wrote:
> HA HA Barrie is just north of Toronto Ontario

Ah, well that’s why Mojoe needed to ask. I immediately assumed Barrie
in Wales.

Anyway, have you checked the unicyclist roster at ?

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I don’t have internet capabilities at my cottage so we should just get aquaited on-line and then swap numbers before I go up. Everything u said was correct. my e-mail is


I ride

I ride where abouts do you live? me and my little bro both ride. we’re not that great yet but we’d be happy to ride with you.:smiley:

Hey bud i live close to berrie i live in a place called meaford its near owensound or collingwood if you ever heare of those places gimmie e-mail ok peace …TONY…:smiley:

WOW, 208 views and nobody posts a reply.

It’s all the gay members getting the wrong idea about the thread title!!!

new unicycler Yeah I’ve heard of it do you do trials aswell? My bro does it I will email you later add me to your buddy’s list peace

Hagbag14 is in Barrie…
He used to ride with us when he was going to school in Kingston. Next time I talk to him on MSN I’ll let him know about this thread or you can contact him…

Edit: lol… I just realized that this thread is 3 yrs old and that UNIGUY hasn’t logged on in almost a year… I guess Unibrothers might be interested.

yeah man im interessted me and my little brother are trying to find someone to ride with but yeah tell him im looking to ride with someone…hes probably way better than me lol

peace :sunglasses:

G-Rant (Hagbag14) is sick, but he would probably love someone to ride his sexy new KOXX-1 with no matter what level you are. I amy be going up to visit him in the next few weekedns and I will definately be bringing my Uni as well, so keep me posted on whats going on. I have an MSN account that I have added most of the Canadians riders to, so if you want to yak with me about a possible trip to Barrie, add me at and we can get you hooked up. Maybe I will bring my 6 foot G-ralf.

yeah sure that’d be cool…gimme your email and ill add you on msn

hey guys whatsup?sorry i havent posted in a while but skatings intense lately lol. ya but id be stoked to do some trails riding in barrie. pretty much any weekend is good for me just give my cell a call (705)796-7004. later

P.S. dude did a figure skater stay at your house in the summer named brooke cause i think i might know who this is lol.
EDIT. lol my email is