Any reviews on the KH Gell Saddle

Whats the word on the KH Gell saddle more or less comfortable than the standard. And is there any differance between the standard and the fussion besides the removable cover.

Thanks for your help.


I have the Gel, Fusion, Standard and an Air saddle. I would say of the four the gel has been the most comfortable for distance ridding. More of your weight is on the sit bones. I absolutely hated my air saddle after about 20 minutes of ridding. First time I had chaffing of any significance was from the air saddle. That being said am about to try out a prototype air saddle insert, that seems to be promising.

Was that a KH air saddle? I bought one and I am very unhappy with it.

I too have been wondering about the gel saddle and look forward to people’s comments.

I just tried my new Gel saddle for the first time today. A quick 5 miler at lunch.

My first seat attempt wasTHIS ONE

Then I tried THIS

The new KH Gel is the most comfortable seat I’ve tried so far. I need to try a longer distance on it yet.

It looks a lil smaller than hte original Kh, is it lighter too, if so I found my new trials saddle…

It’s the very same base, just different padding and cover.

Thanks for the input I think I will give the gell saddle a try. I have a carbon fiber base with an air pillow and Roach cover and I’m not realy happy with it. if I keep it pumped up preaty hard it seems to be the best, otherwise it just displaces the pressure forward, but then its not too forgiving. I think it was the best thing going a few years ago but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. I have never had a flat with it but it would be a serious bummer to have it go flat on a big ride.

I’ve had a UDC gel saddle for several months now and like it a lot. In my opinion its the best and most comfortable version of all the KH-shaped saddles. Its good for distance riding, as well as freestyle and trials. I haven’t yet used it for Muni, but I’d imagine it would be quite good. Its about half the foam height of the standard KH, which makes it miles better for seat in front hopping. I reckon the UDC gel saddle will become the standard KH-shaped saddle in the next few years.

The pure air seats that are made using either a single layer or double layer tube can be like that. It’s like sitting on an old water bed. You sit down and the air displaces to the front of the seat and bulges out at the sides. It also can be more bouncy. The folded over dog bone air seats that makes work well for some people but I don’t like them at all.

A hybrid seat that combines air and foam can be much better. I have a hybrid seat on my muni and I love it for muni use. I have a similar seat on my Coker but I’m still tweaking it. I’m not sure how that project is going to end up. You sit differently on a Coker and a muni so the seats are going to be different. Overall I like the hybrid design. Details are in my airseat gallery.


rigid feel
virtually no chafing issues
ridged handle for better grip


Gel does not fell as cushy as foam - this could just as well be a ‘pro’. In the bicycling world cushy soft saddles appeal to beginners but all serious riders will tell you that a harder saddle is actually more comfortable, especially on longer ride. The analogy used is that its more comfortable to sit in a hard chair for a long time than it is to sit in a cushy armchair. A more likely con is that in the bike world some will frown on gel saddles as the gel in bike saddles tends to migrate away from the pressure points. It will be interesting to see if this happens to these saddles.

The seat nuts sometimes come loose - similar to KH saddles. Do not overtighten them!

FIX for this: fit a normal washer followed by a lock washer and then the usual nut on all four seat nuts. The lock washer seems to prevent the nuts from coming loose. Since I fitted lock washers I have had no problems with loose nuts at all.


The gel seat is similar to the KH design, fitted with the newer ridged front handles. The base looks virtually identical to the standard KH base. The seat uses a relatively thin layer of gel for cushioning instead of a large thick piece of foam. The shape as viewed from above is virtually identical so the only major difference in appearance is the thickness of the saddle has been reduced. The coloured text logo is embroidered on the back of the first batch of saddles although some unicycles ship with out the logo.

My initial test ride of the saddle was on a coker riding for about an hour. The thinner material makes the thickness of the saddle similar to that of a miyata saddle. It feels very similar to a new miyata saddle. My coker felt more responsive with this saddle fitted than with my previous KH saddle. I think this is due to the extra rigidity and the relatively firm nature of the saddle. The thinner saddle also means less chance of inner thigh chaffing. Unfortunately thin also means the chances of developing a numb butt and genitalia increase. The usual numbness after an hour’s ride was still present despite the gel cushioning.

After further testing on 4 to 6 hour rides I am convinced this saddle will perform better than a KH on long rides. The limiting factor for me is usually chafing rather than numbness so for me it is a better saddle for marathon riding (over the 4 to 24 hour range). With an ancient pair of cycling shorts that are falling apart chafing was not an issue until the 6 hour mark.

I think it will also make an ideal freestyle and trials unicycle saddle. It is much nicer to hold seat out in front that the KH is. It is thin enough that I can comfortably hold it in one hand. Also moving from sitting on the saddle to seat out in front and back will be easier because of its thickness.


I find the UDC gel seat is comfortable for long distance riding and the rigidity gives a feel or more control (both on the seat and when holding it in front of you). This makes it an ideal trials or freestyle seat. Remember everyone’s body is different, this saddle will no doubt become the new favourite for some while others will find it uncomfortable.

How do you do this? I tried it last night and found it impossible to fit both a flat washer and a lock washer on all four seat bolts - there simply wasn’t enough thread to get the nut started. I could tighten down the front two nuts but this makes the seatpost pivot so that there’s even less thread exposed on the rear bolts. I ended up using just locking washers on all four nuts. If the diameter of the lock washers is bigger than the bolt slots in the seat post a flat washer will not be required.

KH Air with Fusion cover. The seat cover would allow the air inners to squeze out in all directions causing it to ride uneven, and cause chafing. It felt great for the first 10 minutes, but after 20 minutes it was painful! THe gel seat is just he opposite. Not as comfortable at first, but doesn’t cause the issues that keep me from staying on. After 8 hours in the saddle on Saturday, I am convinced that I will be using this for long rides fro now on. Well unless the prototype air insert I have works out better.

Strange! Maybe my seat has slightly longer bolts? That seems unlikely though. Perhaps I have different washers or a different post. What kind of post are you trying to put it on to? I was using a stock standard 22.2mm post.

The base of my seat post is around 4mm thick and I used the standard dome nuts that came with the saddle. The washer and the lock washer had a combined thickness of about 2mm.

I did not notice any difficulty when putting them on.