Any QU-AX #RGB 36" owners?

I agree with you! I ride my 36er (RGB frame, carbon rim, handle saddle L… no jealous… well almost, no KH parts on it) with nimbus triple hole (100/125/150) VCX cranks.

I use it every day to commute (it’s as efficient and more pleasant than to ride my 29S) with the 125mm crank hole. Several times I thought I could go shorter, but 100mm is really short when there are steep sections.

That said, for someone who wants to race with an ungeared 36" (or to go down a mountain climb in 150mm), 100mm can be a good choice!

This thing is a beauty. And as much as I love my KH unis, I have to say that the brand seems stagnant lately. Whereas the others have done a lot of efforts to come up with nice stuff.

Romain from the CDK posted a video of his ultra light 36" with the carbon rim too, it’s in French but you can see automatic subtitles (get ready for some serious nonsense from the translation bot), and anyway who needs words when you can just sit and enjoy this nice rig.

@toutestbon what disc do you have on yours? I heard of the RGB frames not liking big discs.


Regarding Romain’s 36er: last time I went to his shop I weighted his uni. Well, it looks like it is a regular 26er… when it is actually a 36er. Really impressive!

Yeah, seems like the only option at the moment is to drill and thread another hole yourself.

I heard it too… after mounting a 203mm disc on it. But there are much more powerful brakes, it’s a magura MT4 (and I didn’t try to break the hub by braking harder than necessary).

A few days ago, I thought I still had problems with the spokes loosening (I retightened them several times), but this time it was the bearing cage on the disc side that loosened. Today, everything is perfectly fine.

no to 113/127/150… yes to 114/142/170. Coming in November


Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I find the all black beautiful.

For a trouble free bearing cap do this:


Are 142mm single hole cranks also planned? I think that the most interesting sizes for a geared unicycle are between 138mm and 150mm, one or two intermediate sizes would be really great. :innocent:

EDIT : I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try the 140mm Eiffel Tower cranks to test a little longer than my 138mm venture on my G36.

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Can I correct the date for the release of the new 3 hole VCX… and say, it will be in the next production batch. The way things are going that may not be until June! The cycle industry is in a mess and nothing is getting made when you want it made.


hmm… Good to hear that there are more options. But seems like a strange choice to me. Who needs 170s? I had 165s on my 36 for the first few weeks of learning the 36 and it did make mounting easier, but quickly switched down. I like the VCX 100/125/150 a lot, and I guess my wish would be closer spacing: maybe 110/127/144 (17mm spacing) or 108/127/146 (19mm spacing)… although I also really like something around 117 for cruising but just doesn’t combine well.

If it was only the cycle industry :woozy_face:

Interesting, for me short cranks make mounting easier, because I can step on the pedal without worrying about the wheel rolling back. For “predictable” terrain (road, etc) I think most riders prefer short cranks but I feel safer with long cranks on rough trails and muni, and I imagine 170 cranks might be good for getting into something like 36" muni if that’s a thing. For me the biggest problem with long cranks is that they require more up-down leg motion and this can lead to chafing around the critical crotch area, so I’d rather take a small wheel with shorter cranks, certainly for muni, anyway.

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I think it’s a very good choice.
36" unicycles are getting better and better with the new carbon rim.
I take a lot of pleasure to climb mountains on a unicycle. I did it with a G29/150mm, a G36/145mm and with my carbon rim 36" with triple cranks 100/125/150mm. For high percentages (more than 10%), I would love to try longer cranks. I’ve just fitted M4O 117/138/159mm, but I might also go for nimbus 114/142/170mm. I hope they will have little or no Q factor. :slight_smile:


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114/142/170mm seems great as a “muni crank”, 114mm to get to the trails, and the two others for muni’ing.

But maybe I would prefer a 114/150mm, depending on what I ride that day.