ANY purple parts

i’m looking for purple parts. doing a uni makeover. i got pedals. i would like rime. rim strip. spokes. nipples. seat post clamp. i would even like some information as to where i could buy them online if no one has them.


I got purple nipples for sale,I have 36 count,I changed color scheme halfway thru

Why don’t you just paint some of the stuff yourself? You could paint everything but the seat, seat post, pedals, and tire.

never seen a purple rim strip, you might have to use some kind of tape

Spokes can be found here:
Nips from Discuni.
No purple rim tape at the moment. Tony is correct, Duct tape doubled over works great. You can even get it at your favorite store:

Much cheaper to buy locally though.

I have a couple of 19" rims with no holes if you wanted something cheap to get powder coated.

Good luck

Seat post clamp:
For the saddle get white or yellow & Sharpie the cloth areas.