Any Portland Oregon riders?

Well we all know summer is slowly coming to an end,
so before I leave my vacation spot I would like to know if
there are any uni riders in Portland Oregon.
I know there is a few but my friend just called me and said he
just saw a whole group(about four cokers) of riders all
riding over the Ross Island Bridge.
Any one here did that lately?




They can really be bastards at times too. Great bastards though. Zombie bastards…

Besides that group, there are a few other riders, like madison (Ducttape on here) Phil, who lives in Salem, but he wont mind coming up every now and then for a ride.

Portland is one of the better places to ride. Lots of trials and street places everywhere, and seeing how its one of the most bike friendly places, the bike trails are amazing.

Last Memorial day, we planned a Portland ride, that about 5 of us showed up to, and it was pretty fun. We plan to do it this year too, and make it into a yearly convention. Its most likely going to be renamed to some about the north-west cause we also plan to move it around. Portland, Spokane, Seattle, maybe a few other good citys in the area. Fit Missoula in there. =p

Ill try to keep you notified about location or any time I make a trip to Portland.

the unicycle bastards are just that, a bunch of bastards… some are nice but I would advise not associating with them, I live in Portland and frequently ride trials, distance, and do a little bit of freestyle and street. PM me and I’ll send you my cell number, I’m almost always willing to go for a ride.

Opinions vary. The ones I’ve met were great…for bastards. At age 27, I suspect you’ll get along with them just fine. I’d ride with them any time, especially as they seem to be actually interested in riding with others and tuning in to the social elements of unicycling.

you left off the part where I said some are nice… but your right, he’s closer to their age than mine and would probably enjoy giving me and all the riders not deemed a “unicycle bastard” or too young to be one as much s*** as possible and just in general being a bunch of hypocritical lame-o’s with their head so far up the next guys A** that you can’t tell who’s who. Then again that’s my opinion and stating it probably wont make all that big of a difference and if anything will get more S*** shoved my way from them. Sorry for the rant but I just needed to say that… I’m tired of playing nice guy with them and I’m through with it.

just realized I didn’t answer the question about the bridge ride. I was one of quite a few unicyclists that did the bridge pedal a few weeks back.

I live in Bend, OR.