Any Pictures Of the...

Black Stealth Torker???

The what?

I have a black torker dx24" if thats what your talking about . Ill try and find a digital camera and take some shots this weekend.

Wait, does that mean that if i had one and was riding it and you were holding a heat sensor. It would come up as undetected???

Cause if that’s the case. I so want 1. :smiley:

Cause that comes in handy soooo much…

I think it’s just what the old Torker LX used to be called.

The unicycle would if it was a cold day, yes

But a stealth bomber flies on cold days too and still comes up undetected. :stuck_out_tongue:

undetected to RADAR, not heat sensing stuff

Oh right. :smiley:

I think it is dectected, but looks just like a bird or some other small thing.

“Stealth” Torker was coined by Harper first in this thread, second post. The S-T recap thread is here.

Here is the original Stealth Torker gallery.

The UniStar/Torkers have come quite a way since then. BTW, true story: I was talking to the Seattle Bike Supply rep (they manufacture and distribute Torker) at Harvys one day. I knew the made a lot of BMX stuff so I suggested they put their BMX stuff onto a uni. About a year later the first DX came out.