Any other seats for Torker LX?

Quick question- are there any other seats that will fit a Torker LX?

Looking on, I find seats shown that will not fit it, and others that just don’t say, but nothing other than the air-seat converstion that does. Are you stuck with the stock seat or the air conversion?

The torker lx and miyata have a unique seatpost that has a non-standard bolt pattern. However, many unicycles utilize the same diameter post. One option is to replace the post w/ a standard one, which will allow you to use most seats available on the market including the nimbus and kh saddles. I believe that the lx’s have a 1inch post (25.4mm).

I’m pretty sure LX’s have the 7/8" / 22.2 mm seatpost. They can be bought on UDC cheap. But you’re right, the only way to change the seat is to get a new seatpost. Only Miyata/LX seats and Miyata based airseats will fit the original post.

I’m pretty sure they’re 25.4

I’m positive they’re 25.4. The only torker w/ a tiny 22.2mm seatpost would be the cx.

they are 25.4mm I took my seat off my dx and put it on my dads lx. I like that better because the dx seems less bulky with the lx seat and the dx seat is more comfotable for my dad. but yeah you will need a new seatpost that is 25.4mm and then pick a seat.

best of luck

The LX has a unique seat post diameter, its not 22.2 or 25.4. They did it to torture LX owners bits and pieces :astonished: It would be a great all around uni if it weren’t for that issue.

Yes, you’re pretty much stuck unless you get a different seatpost.

Just email or call and ask them which seatpost will fit. I believe a United seatpost will.

Then you can get just about any 4 bolt KH style seat. Those are all standard, the only two seats that are different are the LX and Miyata seats.

I have a 20" Torker LX I no longer ride much as I find the seat too uncomfortable compared to the Fusion Freeride on my KH24.

I’ve wanted to get back on the Torker to mess around and learn new skills so ordered a new KH seat yesterday, assuming it would fit straight on the Torker seatpost then came across this thread.

I measured the seat post and seat tube on the LX today with Vernier calipers - the seatpost is 25.2mm OD, the seat tube 25.3 ID.

Hopefully one of the seatposts stock will do the trick, else I guess the Torker might as well go on eBay

I have the seat post off my dx on my lx. It will work I promise.

Interesting… Do you know how old the your lx is? Does the seatpost have a marking at the bottom w/ the diameter written there? I’m curious to see if possibly another size was used at some point, or if it SAYS 25.4 but really is slightly under. That does not necessarily seem like enough difference to be a problem.

I’ll check it out, however I don’t recall seeing any markings though on the seat post when I trimmed it.

I’ve ordered a 25.4 seat post from - maybe there’s enough inaccuracy across the board and it will fit ok. If not, I’ll probably cut the seat mount off it, and fit it to the original Torker seat post.

No other seat post will fit. Torker made an odd diameter for the LX, I never got a good explanation from them as to why. Not that it would matter. It still wouldn’t work.

Actually that’s not true. I’ve got a Torker DX seat and seat post on my 26" LX at this very moment.

I don’t know how it works, but it fits fine, with no trouble getting it on or off.

To follow up my earlier post - I ordered a 25.4 seatpost for my 20" Torker LX in order to fit a more comfortable seat (for upcoming indoor winter riding)

The seat post arrived today

Great news! Regardless of the theory, the practice is it fits neatly in the Torker LX. Woohoo! :slight_smile: