Any other North Georgia Riders on here?

I’m trying to find some more people to go riding with. If you are familiar with blankets Creek or rope mill park let me know/pm me and let’s get riding!

Add your location on the map and you might find others close to you.

I’m in Atlanta, I get up there sometimes. I’ll send you a PM with contact info. Some bike friends were riding at Rope Mill over the weekend and said they saw a unicyclist - maybe that was you?

Also, that map doesn’t load for me - Firefox and IE both just show a blank. Does it work for other folks?

Robert from Athens. Next time I am headed your way, will let you know. Would be great to ride with anther muni. Looks like I am the only muni rider here, although my brother and son are just beginning to try it.

It used to work for me in firefox, I’m not sure what happened but I can’t view it anymore either.

Ya guys pm me whenever yall wanna go riding cause I literally live 10 min from both blankets and rope mill so I’m done to ride whenever

The Chattanooga Unicycle Club is starting to build up a strong contingent. I’m sure that several of us could be talked into coming down and making a day of it some time!