Any opinions on this?

Well i’m going to set up my Muni like so:
-Doublewide 24" sun ringle rim (or Alex DX32 any help?)
-24x3.0 Nokian Gazzoledi
-Some nice thick DH tube (help me choose one)
-Suzue Hub (powdercoated black)
-Some generic bearings from bedford
-?? guage black spokes (help)
-anyone know where i can get me some colored spoke nipples?
-anyone know some good strong 150mm or 170mm cranks?
-Black powder coated Yuni frame

Maybe some
-Primo Power bite cranks

  • or some Odyssey black widow euro cranks

Alex DX32, 14 ga spokes. has alloy nipples,
black, silver, blue, green, purple, gold, and red.

looks like what i’m doing

gee that’s exactly what i’m working on except my hub wont be black, goin with the alex rim myself having seen cross sections in a bike catalog i like it better, and it’s cheaper.

if you never really want to worry about pinch flats, I reccomend and Intense tube. they are a little heavier, but man are they thick.

Kooka cranks are the strongest square taper cranks I have ever seen/head about, except maybe some raceface north shore’s, but the raceface oens dont really work for unicycles. I you plan on doing trials (at least light) or riding that involves drops, I reccomend the Kookas.

Also I think powerbites use a special, non-tapered spindle, making them not work with a unicycle hub… I could be wrong but they looks straight gauge to me.

Do they come any shorter than 170?


I think they come in 165, but doesnt seem to exist anymore, I hope they didnt go under.

I have used the Doublewide and it’s a good rim. I have not used the Alex, but I’d be willing to get it for myself. My next muni wheel is most likely going to be an Alex. The Doublewide is 33 mm wide and the Alex is 32 mm wide. Very comparable.

If you don’t want to deal with flats get the Intense DH tube. It’s thick and heavy, but I’ve never gotten a flat with it and I’ve bottomed out on the rim many times.

Don’t get the Black Widow Euro cranks for heavy muni. They’re good cranks for a commuter uni or a XC uni, but not strong enough for jumping and drops.

Be careful about BMX cranks that look like they have a standard square taper. Some of them are using a non-standard oversized spindle and will not fit on a standard unicycle hub.

I’d go with the Kookas. They’ve been used with good success for muni.

Don’t forget about the pedals. :slight_smile:

And get ahold of some metal DH tire levers. You’re going to need them to put on and take off the Gazz. Plastic levers are not strong enough and will just bend and break. Intense makes a metal tire lever (see <>). If you have a local DH or freeride bike shop, they should carry metal tire levers. Or you could try a motorcycle or moped shop, get some that look like the Intense tire levers.

Is there a local Norco dealer in your area? I’m not sure if Norco is selling the KH muni with the splined cranks. If they can get you a muni with the splined cranks that would be a good deal and should be in about the same price range as what you’re looking at.

I recently finished building my Profile/Doublewide wheel, I would have to say I’m kind of disappointed in the quality of Sun rims. I have built many bike wheels (favor toward Mavic) but haven’t had any builds of Sun before. It took longer than usual (build) do to an out of round rim, and I could never get completely out the lateral wobble of the plane of the rim (meaning the rim at the spoke heads are round but the rim wobbles). Like I said, I don’t have any experience with Sun (lot’s of others though) but I would hope this is not the norm. I may be a nose-pick but I will put up with it because I will be running a large tire and won’t be doing excessive speeds. As for nipples, they do make black brass. I did consider alloy, but my weight prefers reliability over.

They are square but NOT tapered.

In fact if anyone was making their own hubs these would save loads of machining in making splines.

Leo White

any difference between the alex and double wide? (besides building (i’ll have a proffesional do it)

Yeah there is a difference. Cost! There is a $38 difference. That is like eight trips to taco bell! Or dinner for a week. Really though. I have a DX32 and have never felt like it couldn’t get the job done. The wheel I built from it has stayed very straight for like almost a year despite grounding it and side hopping millions of hills, and I am not sure but I think it is lighter than the doublewide.

i’d suggest the DX32 also, it’s cheap, light, and wide, what isn’t there to like? The only downside is that it’s a pinned joint, whereas the Sun is a welded joint, but just make sure that the portion of the rim that is at the bottom when your hopping isnt where the rim join is, and you’ll be fine!
Good luck, and i hope you like your new Muni! (maybe it’ll change your mesage from “i hate snow” to “i love snow”:smiley: )


Get rid of the tapered hub and cranks.

Swap it out for a profile or the Norco splined hub and cranks. They are kinda $$$ but its probably worth it.

It might do you good to just get a Kris Holm 24"

Its seems to have everything you want its black and strong. I dont know what the price difference is between your current set up and the KH but I dont think its that much.


I’d probably end up switching most parts out so i’d have the origonal price and KH price

the Alex is lighter but not by much and you have to use 5mm longer spokes on the Alex so its pretty much “spliting hairs” in the end as for the weight of these two rims.