any onza, qu-ax, and poznanter hub comparisons?

i’m interested in getting a stonger hub\crankset. have there been any comparisons between the onza qu-ax and profile hubs?

i’ve got the kh/onza hub and cranks, and i like them a lot, i have done some 4+foot drops on them and grinded some good sized handrails. I also have the quax cranks for the kh hub, and i’ve done alot of 4+foot on those as well,

i’d say as far as strength goes profile is the best (from what i’ve heard) kh/onza is a close second, and quax(at least the cranks made for the kh hub) are also really good

I have seen Kris do a drop over 6 feet so yeah the hub is great and also super smooth

Ah, but Kris goes big with finesse and lands like a cat. People who go big with brute force are harder on equipment than Kris.

yeah. Kris could probably land(and has landed) 6+ foot drops on square taper cranks and manage to land a dozen or more until bad things happened mechanically. I’m a 6’4 180+ pound person who’s not even in the ball park with Kris on smooth landings, so i’m going to be waaay harder on stuff than he is. that said i’m too poor to drop the cash on profile’s so i’m pretty sure i can’t break the KH cranks, at least not for a long time.

I’m 6’4" and 210lbs. and i’ve done drops of around 5’ on a standard cheap square taper hub so it depends on the technique of the individual, also it’s only a matter of time before you land wrong and bend them anyway (as i have).If you can afford it go for the Profiles, they have a lifetime warranty too which i don’t think the others have.

Profiles are nice but the lifetime garauntee doesnt cover theft. My MUni that had profiles got pinched. If you get profiles- consider getting insurance too cos they aren’t cheap.

Thats not actaully that high.

How do the torker dx splined hub compare?I’ve done 5(almost 5) foot drops on them,and there good still.And i dont land good.