any one uni in north carolina?

i live in north carolina and am just looking for a friend to uni with have some fun and teach each other new tricks.
so if you live in NC and need some body to ride with we might be able to meet up.:smiley:

Where at in North Carolina?

I visit NC

Check the button at the top that says map. Not all the NC riders are on there, but a good deal are. I would say that the triangle area has the biggest concentration.

Right here in Charlotte.

We have about 8 people that ride. We do mUi and some light duty trials type stuff. If you are in the area look us up.

north carolina

In a few weeks i’ll be visiting North Carolina for a while but I will be in the Goldsboro area.Charlotte is too far for me.

I live in Charlotte

Bugman is in NC.

I’m from hickory area, let me know when to be where, I’ll try to make it there. I didn’t mean for that to sound like a riddle:D

If you haven’t already, add yourself to the Google map (the link is on the top right of the home page).Then we can see where everyone is…tom

Check out the new NC Uni Group!

I’m hoping to coordinate rides with the new NC Uni Group! First I have to find members! I know you are out there. :slight_smile:

Check it out at



I’m from Cary, NC and I’ve been riding for a little over a year. I sometimes ride with scha6645 usually on the ATT, Umstead or on the Cary/Raleigh greenways. I’ll join and hopefully we can organize some group rides.

I’ve wondered about riding in Umstead Park. What trails do you ride on there, minimalist? I like to ride in Duke Forest - Korstian Division, Carolina North Forest and Lake Michael park in Mebane.

I’ve also wondered if unis/mt bikes are allowed in the eno river trail system? Has anyone tried muni there?

It’s exciting to see the NC riders coming out of the woodwork. THanks for starting this post, Warlord14.


I will post a Muni ride at Crabtree (near Umstead) once I get my new muni next week. They have some interesting obstacles (teeters, log rolls, etc).

Looking forward to meeting you guys! Let me know if you want to organize for I’d love to start getting more rides up there.


Rideable sections of Umstead are fine grain gravel bridle paths (same as the American Tobacco trail). There are some hiking trails, but even though they don’t specifically say “no unicycling,” erosion caused by riding through and roughness of the trail are reasons I would recommend staying off those trails.

Starting from the parking lot off of 40/Harrison Ave. It’s about 5.5 miles down the trail until you reach the start of Lake Crabtree’s single track trails and one of the Greenway trails.

I Agree

Yes. I would only recommend unicycling the horse trails at Umstead (which are relatively flat). Crabtree is much better.

I ride on the bike and bridle trails such as the Reedy Creek Trail, Cedar Ridge Trail (downhill) South Turkey Creek, North Turkey Creek and Graylyn Trail. Lately I’m recovering from a hamstring pull so hills are off limits for a while which basically limits me to the American Tobacco trail.