Any one on this forum in Montana

Hey I just started riding a uni and was wondering if there was any body in Montana that I could ride with?

Heck yes, were ya at?

I know of people in Missoula, Kaliespell, Helena, Butte, Bozeman. We’re sorta scattered… but most of them aren’t on the forums, excpet THE dave and JJ.

i am, i live in Missoula, as well as THE dave(whitefish), Forrsetunifreak(outside of deerlodge), Versatile whale, there mght be others but idk

no!!! u beat me to it!
where do u live? (enahs)

what about versitale whale?

Oh yeah, he’s in Bozeman. Not on here much lately…

I am in bozeman. I ride mostly at the MSU campus

nice, like we said, versatile whale lives in bozeman, you should look around for anothjer guy on a uni

I dont think that I have ever seen a person riding a uni in bozeman and I have lived here for my whole life. I guess I will just have to seek him out.