any one in london

is any one riding in or around london wanting to meat up to ride

Might ask Sponge, he is on this forum.
Send him a PM.


ill try

any one else live in london and wants to ride 4 a bit

BTW same request but further west … anybody around Camberley , Farnborough and so on???
I’ll be there for a week in february and I am not going to watch BBC all the time after 5 P.M…
I’d rather bring my steed with me.
(I’ll be also in Brussels (Vilvoorde) the week before and Rome the week after … gipsies travel a lot)

Coolrhys - Lunis play hockey on Thursdays @ The Westway, this is the one of the few things that will get me travelling into London

WB - Yes. What type of riding / wheel size are you considering bringing over?


Hi Coolrhys,

Most of the riding I do is commuting from East to Central London, and play hockey in either Hackney or West London when I get the chance.

Which part of London are you in, and what kind of riding do you do?


I’ll definitely be up for a ride too, when are you going to be around?

Yeah, I’m in London

My daughters and I live in Notting Hill and we all ride. Our main unicycling these days is going to the Lunis hockey practice nearby, but we might be interested in some other rides.

Look out for the london uni meets there good :slight_smile:

i live near sutton and i am laerning to do trails and some street (only just started uniing about 2 monthsor so)

o yer were r u at

just had confirmation today: will be in Farnborough from feb. 12 to 16 .
to bring the 20" trial is the simplest for me (please note that I muni not trial : I do not know how to jump) I may bring a 24" Muni but not sure the chunnel train will not make fuss about such a big thing (they are already as fussy as air transport).
P.M. me if you are not far away

what a wonderful community!

Well I have to thank KEG: we did some night riding on Yateley common this tuesday.
frankly coming from far far away with your uni and finding someone willing to ride with you (and light your way at night!)!!!
this IS great!!!

BTW I will be back during the week from march 5 to 8 but this time in London city. are there places to ride here? is it possible to get into parks when the day is waning and night is here? are parks open? I don’t want the bear to frighten honest citizens …