Any one feel my pain? Topic - selling Uni's

I am such an idiot, maybe for a different reason most think but today I realise not once not twice but 3 times!!! I have sold an uni and wish so wish I never had let it go…

First was my first Uni. A home made uni I found at a tip shop. It was totally made from ancient bike parts and was very well made. I had my first uni steps on this old uni. I wish I still had it. Dont even know what I did with it.

Second a KH trials uni I picked up almost brand new for half the cost of new! Put blue pedals on her and never rode it so eBay got the best of it months later. I would give anything to have it back now…

Third I bought a kh26, I found it slow mainly when I rode before but so it then funded a kh26.
Now with more tech trails and a geared hub 29 is too much unless I mostly commute. But then im building a 36 guni for that. So silly me bought a 26 frame to convert my 29er…
I would have saved plenty time and money holding on to the 26er but on I had to sell it on the Bay for 200 less than I paid… Barely a scratch on it

Anyone else sold an previous uni and wake up hoping it appears back home right next to your bed??

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Nope, I build em, I ride em, I sell em :slight_smile:

I like messing with gear, building up a new uni is a fun, esp if it’s something I hadn’t tried before; like that KH frame and the Spirits, total PITA!!

Having a uni hobby is waaay cheaper than having a car/truck hobby!

Even today, before heading off for a ride, I’m placing an order for a 26" rim and some Spirit. I’ll be reusing 29er spokes that are getting cut down and an old Nimbus hub that was lying around.

The build is for a Duro 3", just in case I get the urge to ride that beast of a tire. If I don’t ride it, then it’ll get rebuilt “again” as a coasting wheel or maybe I’ll get a Dirt Wizard and go mid fat next Spring :smiley:

What I need most is a stable of “learner unis” and a couple trainers so I can start a school :slight_smile:

Okay, and some willing learners :roll_eyes:

I sold one that I really didn’t need to but it was just a torker CX so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I have a hard time parting with my “interesting” unicycles. I’ve sold away several basic unis for kids who were learning, but not any of the rare or unusual ones. They wouldn’t want those anyway; all have uncomfortable seats or other issues.

My most recent sale was of a 2nd generation Coker. It had been given to me by the folks at Coker in exchange for goodwill and some review articles (which appeared in On One Wheel). Also they used a picture of it that I had taken on Mt. Diablo on my Ride The Lobster qualifying weekend. That picture was (is) on the back cover of their printed cycle catalog. I had tested out the new Coker in its various forms, as they sent me both variations of frame and seat post. I started with the V2 frame, then switched to the lighter aluminum one. I had done a bunch of road and offroad riding with it, and it was a fine machine.

Anyway I still had my original, a 2002 Coker “Deluxe” from UDC. I have no intention of parting with that one, as it’s more historical. I let this one go to a guy in Berkeley at U Games in 2010. I then heard he had turned around and sold it to someone else right after that. I’d much rather sell something like that to someone who wants to ride it, not just make a profit (which I hope he did). If I still had it, would I ride it much? Unknown. I want to convert my old Coker to an all-MUni machine, but I haven’t done that, nor ridden it, since I got my repaired Schlumpf 36" back over a year ago.

All my other old unicycles are pretty much hanging up in the garage, though not all in their original configurations.

I won’t sell the uni my son and I learned on, a blue 20" Sun, purchased on a whim during a cross country family trip, Summer 2008 in Durange Colorado.

If it broke, I’d fix it, it’s a nice little learner, lasted us a total of one week, after which we bought a Nimbus 24" muni, then a Nimbus 26" muni, then a … :smiley:

Gateway drug.

And too many to list especially since your uni parts get swapped around and “flow” from one into another.

Regrets? Nope. Quite the opposite in fact. I started last year on a Nimbus 24, which I quickly sold to an office mate when I was ready to move up to the 29. He wanted to learn and needed a good starter uni, so I sold it to him cheap.
I bought a new KH 29, used it for a few months, then sold it when I moved up to the larger KH. I’m happy on the 36er, and I know that if I’d kept the other unis, two things would have happened:

  1. The other wheels would have sat in the garage collecting dust and spider webs.
  2. Two other people would have been deprived of lots of cheap fun.

Unless you’re riding all your wheels on a regular basis, why not give them away or sell them to others? (especially learners). The potential to positively impact a life is huge.
I suppose there’s something to be said for indulging the collector’s impulse, but there’s also something kinda sad about a stable full of idle unis… :frowning:

Thinking about selling my custom kh29 that I got from nurse Ben, but it’s such a cool uni. Instead of selling think ill keep it at work and use it to get around campus.

I sold my first unicycle figuring i wasn’t going ride it anymore. Like a month later I was starting to regret it. lucky for me the lady who bought it bought it for her husband who worked with my mom! The guy didn’t want it to begin with and I bought it back! learned my lesson not to sell any uni’s;)

In my case, I fear, I will get half the money back when selling it than I WILL pay for my new unicycle … So, it’s not the case that I sold it too cheap because I didn’t … I think, it will be the mistake of buying a brand-new muni for about $450 after 3 monts of unicycling :slight_smile:

I have riden most size wheels and some larger sizes as a guni. Each have their own charismas and I did once think as non riders seem to ‘why do we need enough unis for one for each day of the week…?’

My 20’’ for clowning about cause it looks cool
24’’ for learners
26’’ guni for muni!
29’’ XC light (in progress)
700c guni (dismantled)
36’’ townie
36’’ road distance guni (in progress)

I love them all, I couldn’t sleep with out a 36’’ wheel and my 26’’ guni now. Can’t see myself needing to part with the others regardless too. If needed to to do another build maybe the 36 town uni and 29er could be replaced.
Still all this aside I would like my old trials rig I sold back and more so my original homemade 20’’ I took in and it showed me the way.

Great to hear your stories too. Specially spreading the fever with others who want to learn. Its amazing after a short time usually we upgrade or step up to a bigger wheel.

When I sell a uni I sell it for something nicer, I started with a Lerner then. Torker dx now few unicycles later I got a Oregon and a kh trials

Five years, nineteen unicycles plus three wheels, so twenty two unique unis, some shared parts, lots and lots of different tires.

Next on the agenda: 26" wheel for the Oracle, a new Frankentire for the 32", then start working on a standard hub 36/32. I’m contemplating a Triton 36" frame, kinda pricey, but a sweet ride, I’m even looking at the Ti hubs again. It sure would be nice to go lightweight on the big wheel. :roll_eyes:

Of course there’s the possibliy of a “small step” Schlumpf…

Yup, that lil’ blue Sun uni was one hail of a gateway drug :stuck_out_tongue:

I sometimes think about selling my first unicycle. It’s a 20" no name learner unicycle which I bought second hand. But when I look at the rusty little critter, I remember the countless hours of frustration and bewilderment caused by this impossible machine followed by the ecstasy of finally being able to cycle it, and it brings a smile to my face. Then, I say to myself “the critter stays” (UDC Canada) has KH ti hubs on sale for 243 CAD (~237 USD), seems like the way to go at that price.

Here is my list
Koxx one trials
Nimbus 26
Kh trials (customs)
Impact trials
Nimbus 24
Kh 26
Oregon with 2 wheels

Well, there are two KH Ti hubs, both have issues, I like Kris and generally his stuff is good, but the ti hubs not so much.

If I bought a ti hub it would be one of the Impact low profile flange units that UDC USA sells, but at $400 a pop I might wait for a sale. They are 200gms lighter than a standard hub.

What about m40

I really doubt one would be strong enough for NB. :roll_eyes: