Any one do a 20" frame with a Schlumpf?

Hello friends.

I am curious if any person has tried a Schlumpf geared hub in a 20" Kris Holm or Triton ti trials frame.

It seems it would make sense to be able to zip to a place in geared mode on the street, and then shift into 1:1 ratio for trials, and then ride home again in geared mode.

Would this work?

Thanks for any ideas.


Somebody had one at unicon xiv in Denmark, so it has been tried. It seemed to ride OK - wouldn’t it be a bit heavy for trials though?


Trials and Street is more likely to destroy the hub than any other type of unicycling so I don’t think there is any serious rider who put this expensive “toy” into a 20" uni.

maybe it would work if you’re a freestyle rider at a club… and you want some speed to ride to club?

…or if you need to fit it in a locker or something. Also, I’m sure there are plenty of people in cities who have more free money than free space.