Any of you have a Utilikilt?

I’ve just bought my first Utilikilt (and then my 2nd, and then my 3rd). They’re really comfortable. I went with the Survival Model because it’s got awesome pockets (that detach!) and looks (and is) rugged.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to unicycle in a kilt. My best suggestion so far: cycle shorts. Or even regular briefs. But going commando while riding your unicycle… not the best idea.

Utilikilts is based out of Seattle, if I’m not mistaken, and is much more of a presence on the West Coast than here on the East Coast. Since there are a lot of Seattle, California, and Vancouver unicyclists on the forum, I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of y’all were Utilikilters. Also, there’s something about being a unicyclist that makes kilt-wearing a bit of a no-brainer. It’s the non-conformist thing.

We have a utilikilt shop a short ferry ride from where i live, but i haven’t gotton to wear a kilt yet… probably way better than shorts.

What a clever way of marketing skirts to men.

“If you call it a skirt, you’ll be kilt.” – some pirate


I wear my kilt everywhere but cant uni in it as I use big wheels :slight_smile:

Will be at the NY unifest in September… might wear it there :slight_smile:

I think it would get in the way of grabbing your seat handle, braking, and grabbing your seat upon UPD’ing.

Maybe for some.
But personally, I was drawn to muni because it looked like an exciting, challenging way to get back on the trails after a 15 year break from mountain biking. The nonconformist aspect is the unwanted part for me. I get more questions and attention then I’m really looking for. But the challenge and enjoyment are great enough to outweigh the nonconformity negatives.

Not to suggest anyone else should shy away from utilikilts. If you like em, wear em. If you like sweater vests, parachute pants, jean jackets, or whatever… wear em. Just wanted to point out that unicyclists aren’t necessarily nonconformists for the sake of nonconforming. :slight_smile:

Agreed, I don’t much care for the attention either (unless it is from attractive ladies ;)) and if I didn’t enjoy it so much, that alone would probably be enough to make me stop riding.

The only problem I can see is that you’d have to wear underwear, which is something I despise, otherwise they’re probably downright comfy.

I met some folks hiking the AT who wore a kilt, sans undergrarments :roll_eyes:

Interesting. Maybe the conformity issue has to do with when (and why) a rider got into unicycling. I’ve been at it 31 years. I certainly didn’t start out w the idea of standing out, but I’ve stood out for so long that I’ve just gotten used to it, I guess.

keep rolling up the bottom like long jeans until you can see your handle when you sit down

Which “handle” are you talking about? :astonished:

Great, Alan. See you then. I’ll wear one of mine, too.

I don’t have a Utilikilt but I do have a hot one-piece that I look great in. And you know it’s true.

Isn’t a pro like you supposed to know that this goes in Just Conversation?

I was waiting for Harper to chip in… It was only a matter of time.


  1. I do love the unitard.
  2. I expected you to have a kilt.
  3. I’m so amateur at this site (despite some appearance to the contrary) that I didn’t consider the ‘Just Convo’ forum. Thanks for that tip.

Somehow, that photo reminds me of Monty Python stuff. It needs a caption, something like “Brraghah! I object to all this unicycle silliness. Mountains? Stairsets? It’s all just silly.”

But you don’t have to wear underwear with bike shorts. :slight_smile:

Me too. Sometimes I enjoy the attention, and other times I just ignore. it. I love having my bike bell for the bike path. Just a ring is all that’s needed for most replies.

There is a unicycle in the pic, so it is in the correct forum! :slight_smile:

can you get them on the eatern U.S i want one!

You bring up an excellent point that I overlooked. My apologies.

You can order from here: They are very helpful and will get you into the correct size.

Before riding in the Painted Cyclists Parade (pre-parade to the Fremont Solstice Celebration), where the riders are artfully nude - only body paint, I tried riding my unicycle wearing a utilikilt. Very glad I did as I quickly learned that skin sticks to unicycle seats. :astonished: Covering the seat with a cotton towel and tying it down was the solution and literally saved my butt! My fellow riders weren’t so prepared and experienced considerable rashes.

As far as the kilt getting in the way during UPDs, yes. I’ve watched many female freestyle riders wear short skirts during performances and even then they fight with them. A kilt that goes down to your knees is even worse.

I can see the Utilikilt working for casual riding, assume you have undies or bike shorts underneath, but it would get in the way of almost all serious riding styles.

As a fellow rider in the Painted Cyclist Parade, I will chime in that my strategy of wrapping my shorts in a plastic bag and putting that on the seat worked wonders.

That’s why you get a step-through frame for your 36"! Bike manufacturers figured this out ages ago so women could ride and still remain lady-like.