any NYC/Long Island goonies?

I’m from the mid-Sufflok area, seeing if any of you guys are from the area. checking out the site,
send us some mail and I’ll throw you into the loop. Just missed a skills clinic at Bethpage State Pk. All MUni, great day.
HaveFUN on ONE!!


I live in sulffolk too, whuddup?

I don’t live in the city but I regularly commute there. I didn’t know there were that many long island riders. Ononewheel do u come to the unatics club meetings. If u don’t u should swing by one day. You to brenden if u can figure out what train u gotta get

ahaha absolutely. I’d like to come ride with the group.

Beeper, whereabouts in suffolk? I’m in Holtsville.

JostOneWheel, I just saw your site and it’s awesome! I wanna getin on this, are you guys hiring at all? I wanna ditch these fools with the traning wheel.

Yes, I hit the Unatics whenever I can. GREAT group. They have a link to my site on there site. Together we cover every aspect of unicycling.

Have FUN on ONE!!



Hey, my sister…

My Sister lives in the Bronx…and I am sorry this info does not help you AT ALL! She’s a bartender though…