any nova scotian riders?

hey i’m just wondering if there is anyone else in here from nova scotia who rides?

i’d love to find some people to ride with sometime!

I was in Nova Scotia 2 days ago…

Haven’t met many riders out here.

There are a few riders in NS. Ian (post name Anthian - or something like that) is the only regular on here that springs to mind, but there was a team of three people for Ride The Lobster that were all locals.

Pity you didn’t ask 6 months ago though. At least 105 people would have all answered with a Yes :slight_smile:


no there aren’t many of us at all around…i’m from a small town and it’s really hard to find anyone else around that rides

Where in Nova Scotia are you located?
I’m in Dartmouth and I’m always up for riding with anyone that’s interested.

i’m in antigonish, not up to the city all that often

I’ve only been in Antigonish once.
But if you do make it into the city, let me know and we can set up a ride.