Any Norcal unicyclists need a new uni?

Okay so, I’ve ridden a uni off and on for a while now. I picked up a KH 29 about 8 months ago and rode for a bit before putting it away again. It has sat in front of my car gathering dust pretty much since. I HATE seeing such a beautiful and barely used unicycle gather dust. In addition, I’ve taken to skating and that has dominated all of the time I would have used to unicycle.

My lifestyle change is your gain though. Basically, I’ve got a tiny ultimate wheel and the KH 29. I want to give both of them away to a uni-rider who deserves them. Write in this forum why you deserve the unicycle. You have to be willing to give me a legitmate phone number, which I will call, and to be able to pickup the unis at ceser chavez park in downtown sacramento on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

I don’t need a sob story, but I don’t want to give the uni to a guy who already has a few other KHs or whatever in their garage. We’re going by the honor system here though, so I’ll buy whatever you post.

Anyway, here is the process.

Post to this forum with your response(or PM me your response if you’d rather not talk about it in the forum) to the question “Why I deserve a pretty dang good condition KH 29”

PM me a contact number, I’m willing to leave a message but if the number is bogus you are automatically disqualified.

We meet on a weekend and I give you your two unicycles and we part ways.

I’m going to pick the most qualified, but feel free members of the community to chime in with your opiniouns.



ive been riding for a few months and have rapidly out grown 20 inch (torker Ax), but i really want to get into MUni and dont have enough money for another unicycle or to fix mine (bent crank arms)
ill PM you my number if you choose me, fare enough?

I wish this could be extended to Spokane, WA.

I dont need it, I want it, but thats not the point. My friend Mike Voss would love to get this, and would appreciate more than anyone else I know.


I just PM’d you and one thing that I forgot to tell you is that I don’t already have a ton of uni’s. I’ve got my learner 24"er(which is unridable unless you want to rip a whole the inside on your thy) and my 20"er which is what I ride right now(it’s getting really annoying trying to ride distance on this thing)

Hope to hear back from you,

Cody has dibs at the moment, I’ll let people know if his dibs fall through.

Strictlyone, shoulda dropped a pm but you have dibs if the earlier dibs fall through.

i thought you said that we didnt have to pm you, i dont like to give my number out unless i have to.

btw, i only have one unicycle, forgot to mention that

Scuze me for being a bit cynical, but do you have the original bill of sale for them?

Edit: typo

Just a word of caution, and I hope no one gets offended by this, but I wouldn’t go retrieve these unis alone. Just a word of caution. I hate to be the voice of paranoia, but we’ve all seen stories in the news.


Please. The ridiculous paranoia about Bad People Out To Get Us does a heck of a lot more damage to our society than Bad People do.

It’s not about “bad people”… it’s just may be the old, ‘too good to be true story.’ I may be a cynic, but the rest of you should be a bit skeptical at least. I don’t care how nice you are, you don’t give away a KH in a park.

I don’t think it’s paranoia… it’s just being street smart to not pick up the uni in a dark alley or in a park… Why not pick it up at the guy’s house?

Edit: let’s see how this plays out!

Probably because the guy is paranoid about all the predators who are lurking on, waiting for someone to given them an address so they can…well, I’m not sure what people are paranoid about, but they don’t really need a reason.

Isn’t that even worse? Myself, I would prefer a public place. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with “better safe than sorry”. However, you shouldn’t forget that there are wonderful people out there too. Just use your common sense and you should be fine.
(I take no responsibility for that advice. ;))

ex86, this does indeed sound “too good to be true”, and I hope you don’t get offended when people are doubtful. To be honest, I’m a little bit too. But if this is true, you’re doing a great thing. Kudos to you.

Actually, I’m planning to get a KH29 but don’t have the money at the moment. A BC wheel would also be nice.
…Too bad I live in the wrong place.

Good luck to everyone else!

Paranoid, me? what/who/ Stop staring at me!

OK, you don’t have to go to his house and into the basement! I guess I meant you should know who you’re dealing with. A real address, not a park or a mail box. It just reads too good to be true…especially since I don’t live there! Waaaa.

Haha If you guys are too scared I’ll go pick it up…free uni? I’m there.
I don’t care if he does try to kill me I’ll just cheeze it on the uni

I don’t deserve it. Don’t send it to me. I already have 8 unicycles. I don’t need and free ones. i already have a MUni so don’t ship it down to my house in San Juan Capistrano

Who got the uni?

Heres an update:

First of all, we are meeting at a public park in downtown Sacramento on a Saturday morning. If I intended to do anything crazy, I would probably pick a more discrete location, no? (Anyone who knows this “park” knows its basically just a tiny little block surrounded by busy streets on all sides)

Second of all, I don’t have any original receipts or anything, this unicycle is about 8 months old, so I threw that out a long time ago.

Anyway, Cody currently still has dibs. We are supposed to meet at the park on the 29th, so if he shows, the uni is his. If not, then I’m gonna post an update, and we’ll move on to the next in line. I’ve already called him from my work #, and given him my cellphone and my email address.

I am not sure why people are so suspicious, I guess it is the internet and people don’t normally give away a couple hundred bucks in unicycle equipment, but whatever, skeptics can balk, and one lucky person is gonna ride away with a tight uni so…

Actually, I did find this:


Thats the web reciept for the ultimate wheel. I know it can be tough to trust a random person on the internet, but I am just an ex-unicyclist who doesn’t want to see a tight uni rust to death.

The funny thing is, if I was asking for money, NO ONE would question. But, I’d rather just help out a person who is really passionate about something, then get a couple of bucks from someone who doesn’t really give a damn.

Heh, we’ll see on the 29th right? :wink:

The park in question is centrally located, and very public. There are always lots of people around. It’s a perfect spot. Unfortunately I don’t qualify for either unicycle or I would have posted much sooner… :slight_smile:

So I picked up my new KH 29"er and 20" ultimate wheel. Both are basically brand new. The KH just has some dirt on the wheel and thats it.