any nimbus nightfox reviews

My short self is looking to get a new 36er and with the help of you guys I’ve come to the decision to get the nightfox. (Which is kinda ironic with the name nightfox you’d think it be black or silverish instead of the bright green but whatevs green is my favourite colour) I haven’t been able to find any reviews on it and I know its a nimbus but do you think its good for all around riding with the odd set-up. I’d be doing mostly distance and road riding but if I can take it on some light muni trails or up stairs without worry that’d be awesome!!!

It’s a really new model. I wouldn’t guess that there are many people riding the Nightfox as yet.

UDC.UK has had adjustable leg 36 frames for years. The big difference is the built in handle. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a review of any of them, but i haven’t seen any complaints either.

Send Roger at an email with any questions. He would be the guy with the answers.