Any New Factory Team Members For KH This New Year?

I think there should be a Freerider on the KH’s Team.( I was just thinking)

ofcourse theres Kris himself but I just read he just hurt his knee again.

Sorry to hear your out till your knee heals up Kris.(if he even reads this lol)

It will be cool to see who gets to be on the team or if it is already full.

Or Im mistaking he picks them whenever.


Chris (Unicycledood) might be getting one from kris but hes a street rider

I think He needs an all arounder. Someone who can do both street, trials and muni with a bit of freestyle too!:smiley:

edit: but if they had to be good at one style I think he needs a trials rider. I vote Max Schulze!

He has too many street riders.He already has freestyle riders and he doesnt have a trials or muni rider

David W. is pretty good at all arounding. Good street riders are able to adapt to other styles quite well, it’s just that most of the time they don’t.

David W. is downhill world champion for MUni and Kelly H. is the North American Trials champ.

I’d say the best unsponsored (that I know of) trials only rider would be Danni. Don’t know if he’s tried for a sponsorship from Kris.

Idk max is as good as danni if not better!!!
Hes got a 108cm side hop
he got 3rd (after doing a tie breaker for second with forrest) at naucc
1st in speed trials at naucc.
Hes good at trials!!!

I hella vote Max even if he wants someone pretty well rounded, I have seen him bust some knarly street before. He is def a main Trials rider but he can throw down in other areas too!

Would be awesome if he did. He deserves it. And Kris seems to like sponsoring people from lots of different countries and he doesn’t have a NZ rider yet.

I nominate Spencer…

Isn’t it funny how flatland is excluded?

I think that Kris Holm should advertise his products through all styles, flat included.

Flatland is not as big a style yet as trials and street, but there is flat in mind when it comes to his unis. UDC tells in the description that the cranks are good for flat

I for one, believe that flatland has a better chance than street does. Not by much, but flatland is something completely unique with unicycling. There is nothing similar. You can’t compare tricks, like you can with street uni, and skating, and flatland is much more impressive to non unicyclists. Bike flatland, is closer to freestyle uni than anything else.

If Kris Holm were to support flatland, I believe that unicycling would get more recognition, and maybe all the styles would somehow upgrade in popularity to non unicyclists.

If a style is supported by sponsor, that makes even more people interested in that style… One of the reasons why flatland isn’t as common as street and trials. I think that flatland will attract more outsiders into the sport, causing the sport to grow even more. That is why I believe that Kris Holm sponsoring Flat riders will overall bring additional recognition to the sport.

It makes plenty of sense if you think about it. I would have thought by now he would have a few flatlanders riding for him.

As a rider who does competitive riding and show riding (trials) I must say that flat is realy borring for most people at the moment. Sure the videos are nice but my friends told me that everything looks the same. If you watch riders live the problem is that they are not realy consitens.

For shows I think trials with some tricks like 360hoptwists in is the best for the crowd freestyle is good to but it doesnt has the “fear factor” which makes trials interesting. Most street is just to complicated even most unicyclists cant see the difference betweent 720 unispin and sej flip and non riders mostly dont see the difference between 360 and 720.

So I gues for Kris it would be the best to sponsor a good trials rider who goes to many competitions and does shows to too reach non unicyclist (I dont know if there is anybody out who rides like that).

That isn’t the issue though… There are already trials riders on the KH team.

Consistancy is always an issue… even with skating. At a DC skate demo in the city, all the pros were surprisingly inconsistant… You will find that with most sports.

With flat, it is easy to change it up, especially for a crowd. You can easily tell the difference between a 270 unispin - sideways wheelwalk, and a double rolling wrap - 90 degree unispin.

I don’t see a problem with Kris adding flatland.

You will find that with skateboarding, people can’t tell the difference between a treflip, and a 360 hardflip. It is complications like that, that make the sport welcoming. Once you understand the basics, you become interested in learning how everything else works, and from there you get sucked in.

All the unicycle genres have that same ‘suck you into it’ feature. I just believe that the loose flatland style can really change and expose the sport, if it is given a chance.

But flatland is mainly rolls, and they do look the same to non riders. I think Kris should just sponsor people who he will make the most money off lol. That’s what business is about.

O BTW I have found most non riders can tell the difference between a 360 and 540 unispin lol.

Yep I agree. I’ve always thought that trials looks best to non riders. With small consistant tricks thrown in here and there.

Spencer has already been sponsored by bedford for while!

A lot of the KH guys have bedford sponsorships, so it wouldn’t matter for Spencer.

Any videos of max’s riding? Why didn’t he win the highjump comp?

The only ones ive seen are here Unicycling Video Channel by videoReally impressive unicycling from Max Schulze. - Pinkbike and i found them on his myspace here Featured Content on Myspace

thanks a lot!