Any new developments in narrow seats?

After enduring a plethora of rashes from inner-thigh chaffing, I haven’t ridden in about 6 months. I tried a couple of seats (KH Fusion Freeride & Addict Naomi), different creams, no effect. I thought maybe I just needed more seat time to be more relaxed in the saddle, but nothing seemed to be improving. I’d go on 16-mile rides in my local mtns. and then endure a week of rashes. I know the obvious answer is go on shorter rides, but I really like to put in the miles.

I’ve thought about the new KH “Slim” saddle but it looks like the slim part is the height thickness, not the width. So the next thing I was going to try is a regular bike seat (which will require a different post on my KH29) with handlebars combo. But frankly I’ve put it off because I don’t have high hopes for success. So I’m just wondering if anyone has heard of any new seats being developed with a slimmer width?

I know I can make one custom, I’ve seen the detailed posts here, but I just don’t have the time to do it. Any guidance greatly appreciated.

Original KH Fusion Freeride was far too wide for me, I got a big pain during Induni. I modified it but still not very fine during Monguni because sat too much on the front part of the saddle. I have to precise that orignal Freeride camber was bigger than last Freeride, on long distance road ride, I preferred rather flat saddle.

On my 36", I’m now using the last KH Street saddle with handlebars, but only did a 46km ride; still looking for the correct inclination but seems fine for me, less wide than Freeride, rather flat, but also rather large on the back for bones comfort. It’s Kris preference for long distance with handlebar, may be you need to try this one.

I recently ordered the latest KH fusion slim saddle for use on my geared 24" muni with custom handle bar. I regularly do big off-road races 50-110km and had been using an 07 fusion freeride saddle which was bearable but very bulky and more curved than I would like. It has not arrived yet, but I will be sure to post a report in this thread once I am well enough acquainted with it to comment.


Pull your cover off and start carving. Consider how the foam deflects as you apply pressure: The foam moves outward making the seat wider. I usually cut the foam edges down to a minimum 1/4" and also take some off the top starting 2" from seat front and cont through the waist of the seat.

Other things to consider: Why am I chaffing?

  • seam in my shorts/liner is rubbing
  • pad/liner in my shorts is too thick
  • hair in certain areas is causing chaffing, consider “manscaping”

Try the glide anti chaf used by runners:

I manscape, I use glade, and I use thin lycra shorts without a pad. This has worked great to reduce chaffing, though there are still times when I get raw, esp in the summer when it’s hot and humid.

Some great ideas here, thanks all! I will give these suggestions a try.

I’ve got the Slim too and so far it is my favourite seat for comfort, but for 16 years I’ve never gone a few days let alone 6 months without riding. If you chafe your thighs enough they should theoretically build a bit of callous and toughen up. Daily riding should help, the miles will add up even with short journeys and it will enable the long rides to be less of a punishment.

It sounds like it could be a reaction to the material in the cycle shorts or underwear on top of the chaffing. Having a unicycle seat underneath you for long periods of time creates a warm damp sweaty environment to sit on. The material used in your underwear/cycle shorts could be causing your skin to react and it might be worth experimenting with different fibres.

The seam problem is a commonly overlooked one- jeans are pretty bad for having fat seams and it feels like a lump in the seat where it is folded.

The width of the seat at the front is not a problem in my opinion since I push myself so far back on the seat to try and get my sit bones on it, that the wide part of the seat is between my legs anyway, negating any benefit of a narrow front. A bike seat would be nice and minimal but it would reduce the upright functionality of a unicycle seat and I like to sit up tall without the handle from time to time.

I’ve been using the Naomi for a while now, and it’s by far the best long distance seat I’ve tried (although I’ve yet to use the KH Slim).

My longest ride on it was 110km on a 29’er during The Yunnanuni Unitour, and I felt fine afterwards

Could still be narrower at the front, and have less curve, but I think it’s very difficult to modify. You can chop out foam, but you can’t easily cut the plastic seatbase. I’m annoyed that the new seat-bases are wider than the old KH bases.

Thanks Rowan & Gizmo, I think my next step will be to order a KH Slim and experiment with shorts sans chamois, and possibly a bit of Nurse Ben “manscaping.” If that don’t work there’s always ultimate wheel…

Got the Fusion Slim for my KH 20 and the Freestyle ride. I expect I’ll break soon and replace the Fusion Street on my touring bike with a Slim, too. The Slim is pretty much a harder version of the Street. Which to me is a good thing, I prefer hard saddles on my bicycle, too.

Is the KH Fusion Slim narrower (as in providing more inner thigh clearance) or just thinner in profile? I know the KH website says it’s shaped to reduce thigh chaffing, but the text seems to be referring more to the rear of the saddle, and for trick riding needs, not xc.

I don’t think it’s narrower. But if you tinker with seat post height and saddle angle so that your legs pass the saddle in the centre the thinner saddle gives you more room.

Thanks Kamikaze

Don’t confuse the different KH saddles !

Red one is the Freeride
Blue one is the new Street saddle (the one I’m now using on my 36"’ with handlebar)
Black one is the new Slim

some explanations by the Master himself