Any murdered out Uni's around here?

As much as I dislike the cliche “murdered out” for things that are all black, I was wondering if anyone here has pictures of their uni like that. I mean ALL black. Anyone?

(lame first post i know)

Painted this JB black for a comedy video.

Not bad for a first post. It was in the correct forum, and your topic was clearly explained in the thread title! :slight_smile: Except for “murdered out”, which I’d never heard before.

Once upon a time I took a kids’ bike with a 28" front wheel and 16" back wheel (miniature penny farthing) and painted the entire thing black to make it look antique. It was then used for a few shows and walkaround gigs, and played very nicely. It was also small enough to make it a good platform for learning to ride it on the front wheel only (like how unicycles were first done). In the case of that bike I think I painted everything black except the (black) saddle, and the chrome handlebars and grips. Took it from the late 1960s to a decent semblance of the 1880s.

Surely the phrase is “stealth” or “ninja”?

My Muni is definitely ninja Hwaaaaaa!

Edit: It disappears whenever I have a camera, It is just that good.

I prefer stealth:

My old stock stealth Torker came in full black. The only silver was the spoke nipples.

You, on the other hand, are using silver cranks so deduct 2 points for that, (one per crank since that would be an easy fix).
Silver spoke nipples= deduct 1 point.
And the silver seat rails are showing from under the skirt: -1 point.

The rails are kinda anal, but since you are actively trying for all black, I’m counting 'em.

Total score: 6 out of 10

yeah, thats about 99% murdered. Since I don’t like that term (because it’s cheesy), Im going to switch to Ninja (way better).

Hmmmmm…who will be the first to post a pic of their 100% black uni?

I’m guessing the first person who grabs a can of black spraypaint and has an old, unused uni in the garage. :smiley:

haha my torker DX was at one point completely black, as well as my learner back in the day…hmmmm
i might have a video you can see it in!