Any Muni riders in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville Virginia Area?

Am I the lone Muni rider in this valley? :thinking: Looking for some other riders to conquer the blue ridge.

Dude! I just transferred from UVA! I’m back in Richmond now, but have been longing for some real mountain trails again. Where do you ride? While I was there, I mainly rode around O-Hill, but occationally checked out Sherando Lake (which I want to explore more of) and Walnut Creek (think that’s the name).

You mean to tell me I could have been riding with someone the whole year I was there? Why didn’t you speak up earlier?:stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine said he actually spotted group of municyclists around O-Hill who said they intentionally do not post on the forums (Don’t know why).

When do you want to ride?

I would be down and bring my 29er if they mountains arent too hard to conquer, seeing as the 29er will have more trouble than your muni’s. Harrisonburg is about 2 hours from va tech, so it would be doable. There are also awesome mountain trails down here in souther va, we should set something up, long distance, muni, or just freestyle/trials. Do you go to JMU, or UVA?

Actually I’m 44 (not in college):smiley: . I unicycled quite a bit back in the day (Early 80’s). 4 of us had Schwinn 6’ girraffes and we played frisbee in the beach parking lot. We didn’t even think of the trials riding that’s done now. But we got quite good at quick maneuvers and spins (chasing a frisbee is a lot of fun). About 6 weeks ago I dusted off the old schwinn. It’s like riding a b*ike, you never forget. The 24" Sears piece of crap uni that I learned on died back in the 80’s. So I decided to get a new one. After looking on the internet I found a whole new world of uni. MUni, Trials, stuff I never new was possible. I now live on property ajoining the national forest and have unlimited trails in my back yard. So I got myself a Nimbus 24" Muni. I love it. My skills are coming along pretty well. I am climbing hills over and over to build my legs. I was pleased to find out the first day with my new uni that on my first try I could hop indefinitey(something I had never thought of trying before watching some videos). I’ve managed to hop onto a 6" rise, but I’m amazed at how some of these guys can hop up 3 feet or better. It would be alot of fun to get together with some other riders to share and learn from.

Awesome, I’m definately up for getting together. Any weekend is fine with me.

Not that it really matters, but…

Your last post said that you’re 44, but your profile says you were born in 1969 :thinking:

Hey! I live in H-burg, but unfortunately I do not have a decent Muni… just a piece of crap Sun Flattop 24". If you ever plan on doing any street-type riding in the 'Burg send me a PM!