Any Mountain Unicyclists in Shenzen China?


I just came back from a two week trip in Shenzen China. While traveling to contract manufacturers a few hours outside of the city I was amazed at all the mountains. Next time I go I would like to bring my KH24 and do some singles. I found this trail. Looks very interesting. I would probably be going back within the next three months. Will probably be going once a quarter.

If there are any unicyclists in the area I would love to ride with you. So Please let me know.

Wutong Single


We are on the otherwise of the boarder bit theres some pretty good mountains in hong kong too. Plus safe and really well maintained paths. 2-3 tes a month there’ll be a muni day out organized.
As far as I know we’ve not gone north of the border. I certainly havnt. But if your in hk, I can try and help you out

Muni in Shenzen

Thanks for answering. It will be a problem for me to cross to HK because then I will not be able to get back to China without doing another Visa. If I do get to spend a weekend in HK I will be in contact with you. How hard would it be for you to make it North into China? It would also be pretty cool just doing some urban riding in Shenzen.


Unfortunately i have the same problem
Visas for me to cross into PRC cost a fortune,
I will however check with the others, if born in HK, and holding an entry card, crossing to shenzhen is pretty easy, and many people do it for a day trip.
(however not me)
will catch up with everyone at unihockey this friday, and see if anyone fancies a trip

Shenzen China Singles

Cool. Appreciate it. I hope to be back in Shenzen around the end of the year/beggining of next year. Would really enjoy doing some singles with riders from China/HK.

All the Best,