Any (m)unicyclists near Ashland, Oregon?

(I apologize if I am posting this thread in the wrong section. Please correct me if I am.)

There is a possibility that I am moving to Ashland, Oregon for nursing school this June. If I move there, I will definitely miss riding among the redwoods and along the beautiful California coast. But Ashland is a very outdoorsy community, and as a result, I am really hoping that some of you live in that area so I can find a muni group!

Any Ashland/Medford, Oregonian unicyclists out there?

There’s me. :slight_smile: I live in Ashland, not far from downtown. I ride muni on a KH 26; distance/commuting on a 36 V frame Schlumpf; and play bike polo on a cheap 700 c Sun. We’ve got lots of great trails around here. You’ll love them. Shoot me a PM and we’ll go for a ride the next time you’re in town.


Sweet!!! I applied to the extension OHSU accelerated nursing school there, so I find out whether or not I’m accepted in April. If I’m accepted, I’ll be making lots of visits before summer!! So hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!