Any limerick writers?

There once was a silly old Joker, Who, for years, was a terrible smoker, He
proceeded to quit, And decided to git, On a 36 inch big wheel Coker.

Re: Any limerick writers?

here’s a funny limerick from the
Thunderwheels page!

Sean McBride’s Unicycling Limerick

                   There once was a boy named Michael
                    Who tried out his new unicycle.
                          He had a bad whirl,
                         Wished he were a girl,
                   And went back to his old bi-cycle.

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Re: Any limerick writers?

A farmer from north Minnesota, was quite fond of his whiskey and soda, but when
thirty uni’s passed by, “My brain’s pickled!” he cried, and he vowed not to
drink one iota.

            -Rick Bissell

Re: Any limerick writers?

This is for you guys down under…

There once was a bloke with a bike, who never really thought it was right. He
removed a wheel, and said with zeal, ‘Now I’ve got it, mate!’


Re: Any limerick writers?

There once was a fellow called Neil 'Twas he who invented the wheel He thought,
if I could jump on and pedal along that would be the ultimate thrill !

Jerry Cooper