Any Koxx Dealers in Canada

Does anybody know of any Koxx-one dealers in Canada? Or North America that ships to Canada? Thanks in advance.

I know is somewhere your side of the ‘‘pond’’…not sure quite where though. and yeah

Thanks guys, is there an online store for division8?

Not that I see. Just call them up. Ive heard good things of their business.

Don’t be shy now. =p

Haha, Thanks guys.

The people from HBTrials are very nice and helpful. I haven’t ordered any thing from them, but i’ve chatted with them, and they are good. They told me they are getting new Koxx stuff in soon and Monty Unicycle stuff! :astonished: :thinking: :smiley: Should be some cool stuff maybe.


Division8 and HB trials are both pretty cool, but I would recommend going with Division 8 because they actually support unicycling and unicycling events. They donated some awesome stuff to OUI and have been very supportive of helping out unicycling on a whole.

Plus they seem to have pretty regular sales, have K1 unicycles in stock any times I’ve needed parts and generally are pretty kick ass.

Division8 is okay for service wise from what i’ve had with them. Like they were nice, but I was going to order a unicycle from them, and they didn’t have it in stock, so I went and bought a different one from Bedford, and they called me 2 months later saying “okay we have the K1 Devils in stock now” but too late I already had mine.