Any interest in a geared hub?


I have a Schlumpf/KH geared hub built into a 29" KH that I'm looking to get rid of.  I bought it used a year and a half ago, so I'm not really sure the year on the hub and uni, but it's a few years old at the very least. The uni has a blue t-7 handle on it at the moment. I wish I had more accurate info to give, but I'm afraid ignorance, besides being bliss, is plentiful as well. 

It works well, and has the extra gold knob thingie and tool for removing said knob thingie. 

I didn’t post photos at this time because I just wanted to gauge any possible interest in this unicycle. I have a few reasons for getting rid of it:
I hardly use it, I prefer my 36" KH, and a situation came up which requires money… something I have so very little of at the moment.

If you are interested at all, PM me and let's talk turkey. Let's get this speedy uni into the hands of someone that will use it more than I.

If you look on the hub body, there is a serial number, that will help in dating the hub, also whether it is labeled Kris Holm, square vs ISIS.

The Guni season is still a couple months away, or should I say the season during which people start thinking about getting a guni :slight_smile:

Pm sent

This uni is sold pending final details!
Thanks for the views and comments, all.