Any interest in a Durango, Colorado Muni weekend?

Hey everyone. I used to be really into riding, but stopped. But after moving to the beautiful city of durango, colorado, something about these mountains called me back to one wheel. im glad I went back to riding, because the trails here are perfect in terms of technicality and scenery.

For that reason, i think durango would be an excellent venue for a muni weekend. If anybody would be interested in getting in on something like this, please let me know. Purgatory is right here along with some great trails in town. The city of telluride is only a couple hours and has some great trails and views worth checking out if you’re in the area. The season is over now, but that gives time for this to culminate so to speak.

I would love to go to one; never ridden in CO! But my ability to attend would very much depend on the dates… :o

I’m in

That’s enough for me …if John is going, I’m in. Need the dates as soon as possible to get the days off on the work schedule. Jeff c

I’m going to be in Sante Fe for 2 weeks for a family trip through the first week of August 2018 and will probably add on another 2-3 weeks for travelling around New Mexico/Colorado/Utah camping, hiking and muni, so if the dates are for mid-August, I should be able to make it: maybe something between August 8th and 22nd.

I was last in Durango in 2005 and there were some great trails with the mountain bike. I was at the Colorado Muni Weekend in 2016 at Winter Park, as well as Seattle Muni Weeked in 2015 (this year at Villanders in Italy in early June, ODM in Germany in late June, and Karwendel Muni Weekend in Austria in September as living in Germany the last while). I was mountain biking in Telluride in 2013 and also unicycled at Crested Butte and other CO locations (Fruita, Salisa) in summer 2016. Would be awesome if the timing works out again!

What about memorial day weekend 2018

August works too!

is August an optimum for flying fares?

hmm… from Europe your options probably entail flying to Albuquerque/Denver/Phoenix/Salt Lake and then driving or taking a regional hop to Cortez/Farmington/Durango. For Denver and Salt Lake I would guess the whole summer might be high season (or more July-Sept), but August is probably more off-season/secondary for Albuquerque and Phoenix as its monsoon/hot… my rough guess would be that May-Sept shouldn’t vary so much… but I guess it also depends a lot on where you’re coming from and the origin holiday season. (I’ve flown Europe-Denver in the summer twice in the last 10 years and the first time was ultra-cheap, the second in 2016 not bad – actually I flew Europe-Cortez and Moab-Denver+Denver-Europe which as crazy as it is was significantly LESS than Europe-Denver roundtrip even though I had the same EU-Denver flight plus 2 hopper flights: crazy airline pricing!).

Well for instance when I travel to Moab I do a whole trip across “pink country” - the lower Colorado plateau where there are lots of things to visit. Last time I visited the region -up to Durango- was late october.
I probably will not try again the direct flight Salt Lake city-Paris : I boast I can eat anything except english jelly and the food on Delta airline! (I haven’t tried yet durian or surstroming :D)

Love Durango. Love MUni. Depends on dates of course.

Durango was great!

I rode Durango in the summer two years ago. Lift operators were very supportive, the trail was beautiful and I had a ton of fun.

I’d definitely try to make it again.

I clearly remember road 591 (should be named “track 591” :stuck_out_tongue: ! ) along the river to Silverton … could be rideable too

Ok I’m calling it labor day weekend next year. If there’s enough people, I’ll get shirts made

uups … what is ‘labor’ day ? (May 1? … already booked for me sorry)

Labor day is the first weekend in September. Hope to see some people!
I’m out of town with a broken hip right now, but when I get back, ill start a list of trails to be voted on. I’ll look into accommodations too.

Let me know if there are any questions , suggestions or requests!