Any Ideas on how to build a Unicycle Ski

I got a idea last week at work up at the ski hill were i work (got way to much time with not much to do). I wana put a ski on the bottom of a unicycle, and try to see if it works. Im thinkin of just usin L brackets from the rim to the ski and bolting them to each other.

I was just wonderin if anyones ever heard of this before, and if so maybe know a Better and Easier of going about this.

I think that if you google parapalegic athletes ski equipment, you might find something that you can adapt. They have chairs that have a single ski on the bottom, much like a uni and I am pretty sure that for the first little bit, your going to need the poles with the ski’s on the end. Leaving the wheel intact is not the best idea, as the wheel and ski will always want to turn unless you immobilise the bearing somehow.
Just my $.02
Come to think of it, it will make it harder to balance if the seat can move front to back freely.

How about just building a jack jumper?

Hey, me and a freind made some of those back in 1976. Didn’t know it was even a sport. It finally broke beyond my wanting to repair it last winter.

We called them uni-skis

tbh do a bc with a snowboard trimmed and the wheel coming outta the bottom :slight_smile:

what the heck did you just say?

Try something like this

make sure to check out the videos!!! they are awesome!!!

I think tbh means To Be Honest. Is that right zippy? or did you mean something else. :smiley: :smiley:

just take a bunch of ski blades and attach them to a hub in a circular manner

like that shoe uni