any help West of Indianapolis

I’m in the initial stages of starting an afterschool uni club for my
third graders and wonder if there is anyone west of Indy (Coatesville
/ Cloverdale / Greencastle that could give me some local advice…far
away advice is welcome too but I feel I need to learn to at least ride
a little before I run my mouth :>)
Have a Torker LX 20 coming.

Re: any help West of Indianapolis

I apologize for not having any advice although it is a dream of mine to get something like this going in the school district here.

What I would like to ask is why, if you can’t already ride, are you interested in starting a uni club? What made you decide that unicycling is what your third graders needed? And I mean no disrespect, I’m just curious. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ