Any good riding around Las Vegas

I’ll be in Vegas this weekend and I’m looking for a place to ride. Does anybody know if it is ok to ride at Red Rock?

I don’t know of any good places to ride, but I’ll be in vegas on sunday I think, but I don’t know if I’ll get to do much riding…

That’s a great site, entropy. Thanks. My brother moved to Las Vegas from Oregon recently, and I expect to find myself there for a weekend now and then.

Thanks entropy thats the type of info I was looking for.

I had a great time riding at Bootleg Canyon. I was only able to bring my KH20 but it worked out great. I did “Girl Scott” trail three times and skyline once. I had a nice hike down "Snake Back til I found a place I could safely ride.

Thanks for the tip

No problem, and nice pic!