Any Good? Quax Trials Yellow Hub

I have also looked at the nimbus but some say it is not as strong, even with the moments. I want to get a good strong uni that wont break. Also does anyone know how the qu-ax seats are?

I used to have that uni.It is extremely strong if that is what youre looking for and the wheelset realy is indestructible.

immensely strong
over engineered so it wont break
i have that model :slight_smile:
i have bottomed the tyre out so many times and the tube and rim aren’t failing, which is excellent
the only thing i have had to change was the seat, after snapping the stiffener plate, and that was after almost a year
its at a very good price too.

both sets are very strong, we could argue all day about which is stronger and get nowhere. The only objective fact is that the qu-ax uses a 48 spoke wheel compared to the 36 spkes of the KH, so should be a stiffer and stronger wheel.

QU-AX is certainly very strong. I had one for years with no problems with the wheel. I did break the seatpost and on of the bolts in the seat, but other than that it was great. The only reason I don’t still have it it because it got stolen. I loved that uni.


Any Pics?

Hey guys thanks so much i think i will get this. Could any of you send me some pics of it.

My Qu-ax wheel bent vertically 1cm (from jumping) and I get no cycle shop to true it for me. They say the hub does not fit in their machine.:frowning:
But further it is a great uni never any troubles. I can recommend it.

Possible troubles:
Alu frame strips easily when mounting a brake (with care there is no problem)
Hub clamp bolts tend to loosen when jumping, but with longer bolts and nuts on top no problem.

Don’t let that stop you.

watch my video (sorry for the lack of skills). I am riding a QU-AX 20" trials which I bought 6 weeks ago. But I replaced the original 125mm Cr-Mo cranks with 145mm aluminium cranks. They are not as strong as the original cranks but it’s easier to learn jumping. The original cranks are black.

theres a pic of mine on the last page of ‘post your uni’s’ thread.