Any good?~Advice wanted.

Does this uni look any good/worth $50?

The classic Craiglist Schwinn.
Sure it’s worth it, most of those are around $50 it seems.

Looks like it’s in great condition; it has been well-garaged. :slight_smile:

You should think of this as buying a '57 Chevy or a Model T though. If you want to do lots of riding there are much better choices.

In other words, its one of those thats best left in the shed as an antique.

Or hung on the wall as art! I consider it a classic collectible. Unfortunately hardly anyone else does, which kind of kills the value of my aging unicycle collection…

hmm, thats not good. You could start a unicycle museum, making them collectors pieces, thus raising the value of your collection.

might work

What is the weakness of these old Schwinn unis? I am slightly-moderately interested in a 24" uni, but I’ve gotten the idea that the Schwinn route may not be the best. Perhaps one of their newer ones.

I’m almost sure that this is a 20", but does the prevailing ‘antique’ opinion apply to this?

Schwinn weaknesses:

  1. Seat only adjusts in 1" increments
  2. 1 bolt holds the whole thing together. Simple, but it could also hold everything together crooked.
  3. Requires two wrenches to change seat height
  4. 28-spoke wheel is not real strong, though generally Schwinns take a lot of abuse.
  5. Seat: Uncomfortable, cover will tear up a little more each time you drop it

There are plusses, which I can list if anyone wants…

The newer Schwinns have most of the same weaknesses. There is really no reason to buy one, especially for the price, compared to the other choices available from UDC.

The second example was a 20", the first was a 24". Nice whitewall. Obviously needs a patch or a new tube. That single bolt above is also the only one that needs to come out to change the tire; one of the plusses.

i’d go with a torker lx. the frame will accept a 2.5-2.6 tire which allows it to be used for light muni. very decent strong parts for the price range. the udc club unicycle looks interesting as well… pretty colors…

uhm do not get a torker LX. They arent strong

Torker DX for a 24 would be better

unless your planning on not doing anything heavier like muni on the LX, i would get something other than it.

the lx unis are very good beginner unis, they’re great for the money and good enough for xc and should handle small drops. Obviously a dx would be more ideal for muni, but if you are going to put down that kind of money, the nimbus ISIS muni would be a more logical option. i was merely suggesting what I (and many others on this forum) feel is possibly the best budget uni available at this time.

It really depends on what it is you want this uni for. If you only want it because it’s cheap, I wouldn’t buy it.

What about this?

I was thinking of getting for my brother, who has tried to ride on my Nimbus.

Looks like a good deal. Possible downside could be the seat, which I can’t make out in the photo. The owner may have changed out the original seat for something older, or it may have must come with a not-so-great seat. But if it’s for a beginner or new rider it should be fine. Go for it.

BTW, forgot to mention this earlier:
Try to put your question or actual subject in the Title of your thread. For example, “Does this old $50 Schwinn on Craigslist look any good?”