Any good 20" MUnis?

Hey, I’m thinking of getting a good 20" MUni. That’s what’s been suggested too. Anybody got some good ones? I couldn’t find any…

What’s the difference between a good 20" muni and a good trials uni? I would’ve thought that’d be the most appropriate thing to get.


This is easy thanks to Roland’s (wendino’s) recent post about the QU-AX cranks.

A Monty trials wheel with 127mm QU-AX splined cranks. 140mm and 145mm cranks are too long for muni with a 20" trials wheel. The longer cranks will cause your pedals and feet to hit the ground too often. 125mm or 127mm is a better length for a 20" trials wheel if you’re going to be riding it off-road. If you’re not going to be aggressive enough to need splined cranks then get 125mm steel cranks on a Suzue hub.

Wow! them cranks look nice :smiley: Anyone know how much they are, any retailers in UK etc??

Just out of curiosity Jax, why are you going for a 20 over a 24 or 26?

Ya the guy who posted it said they were 119 GBP and $139 USD…and he said he’d sell them on his website

Yeah, Jax. If you want to get anywhere, I highly recommend a 26" wheel (or 24" fat wheel) for MUni, unless your intended riding is in a pretty small area.

I’m 11, about 4’8" or so, if you didn’t know.

You may be big enough for a 24" muni. The elementary aged kids in North Bend Washington have a bunch of basic 24" munis that work very well for them. I think they’re using the 24x2.6 Kenda tire or possibly a slightly skinnier tire. Here’s a link for the Kenda tire:

If you’re not big enough or you don’t feel comfortable on a 24" wheel then a 20" trials unicycle with 125mm cranks would do well. Something like this but with 125mm cranks

Give a call and see what they suggest. They have built up off road unicycles for smaller kids and they might have some good ideas on what would work well for you. They might also have some things that are not listed in their catalog so give them a call to find out what they have.

Hey, Jax;

You would probably do fine on a 24. Here is a pic of Andrea on a old P.O.Schwinn with a knobby. Pic here. She was about your height when that pic was taken, She’s about 4-10 now. She prefers the 140’s finding 170’s too big a pedaling circle.

If you already have a 20 with some width room buy a 20 x 2.25 Maxxix Maxx Daddy and try that for a while. Then you can decide if you want to go 20 or 24.

On the other hand, buy a decent Trials that will serve you for many years and then buy a 24 Muni. You can never have too many unicycles.

Good luck.

Well, I just got a new 20" normal unicycle (for only $70, and it’s really good!). I couldn’t afford any mountain ones, and I don’t think I’ll get many chances to go in mountains and stuff. Yeah.


You can`t build a Monty Wheelset because the Monty rim has 36 hole and the Qu-ax hub 48 !

You can take a AlexRims with 48 hole.

It is available in my shop .

The hub/crank set cost 119,- EUR about 83,- GBP


Part of the confusion here is due to my sloppy habit of calling anything with a 19" trials tire a Monty wheel even if it isn’t using a Monty tire or a Monty rim. In my vocabulary a wheel built with an Alex DX32 rim and an off-brand 19"x2.5" trials tire is still a Monty wheel. :slight_smile:

That is odd that QU-AX chose to go with a 48 spoke hub for their splined hub. It is very difficult to get 48 spoke downhill rims. I’m not aware of any 24" downhill rims with 48 spokes. The Alex trials rims with 48 spokes must be custom because the Alex web site <> claims that the 19" and 24" DX32 rims are available with 36 hole only.

Is the QU-AX splined hub going to be available with 36 holes?

you can get halo combats in 48 hole, andi believe some of the sun rims are available in 48hole drilling. There are lots of 20inch rims in 48 hole, due to bmx’s being mainly 48spoke.

Is there anything wrong in the strength department with figuring out a spoking pattern to fit a 48 hole hub to a 36 hole rim? It’s good to see a strong yellow unicycle hub.


From the style of the decal shown in this picture at, I think these may be older Alex rims that they don’t produce any more:

As for 36 spokes in a 48 hole rim, it can easily be done by skipping every fourth hole, and I think all the spokes will be the same length if a cross 3 pattern is used, but I’m not sure about that part.


Alex 48 hole ALDX32 rims are a stock item. Just not in the US.

I have 80 coming in my next order. Let me know if you want one.