Any experience modding unis

So I wanna put a wider tire (2.4) on my 20in unicycle but there is just absolutely no clearance. So unless I wanna run 2 psi there’s no way this will ever work… however I’ve been wanting to put the poor thing on a vice and crank down on it. I know the simpler option is to get a smaller tire but I don’t want to do that but I also don’t want to ruin my unicycle. Anyone has had a similar problem I’m at a dilemma.

At least add some wood pieces to spread the load on on the side you don’t want to dent.

I only have experience with accidentally denting frames, but from that I can say that they can be plenty strong enough. However, on a frame like this, you shouldn’t underestimate how much clearance you need, the section where the lollipop bearing holders are bolted on is thin. Frames flex while riding and you may need over 5 mm each side to avoid rubbing.


What @finnspin said, at least use some wood to spread the load.

At the end of the day it’s not a top quality uni so there’s no real harm in experimenting with it.
Good luck.

I would say start looking for a new, more modern frame, or uni for that matter.

Yes the woods a really good idea, I’m just not the brightest. A new uni would be a cool too I found this one locally but it’s literally from Walmart… but aren’t those more modern dropouts than my lollipop ones?

While what you have is nothing special IMO, it’s probably as good or better than the Walmart unicycle. That bearing holder design doesn’t result in the stiffest frames, but those are usually still decent unicycles to ride around and learn a few basic tricks on.
I’d personally just get a slightly smaller 20" tire and use that, I don’t see a reason to get anything new unless you need it. (If you were to get into Muni or distance riding for example). Or, if you really are set on the big tire, try the denting.