Any difference between the Shcwinn 350 mm and the United 300 mm Seatposts?

I was looking on at the viscount seats when I noticed that it said to check out the United seat post, though you might expect the recommendation to be for the Shcwinn.

They look mostly the same, and it says that the surface of the United is a little rougher for better grip or something, but besides the length, what’s the difference, and what would you recommend?


P.S. I’m about 5’10.5", so the United might be too short, but I don’t know.

Well, it depends on the unicycle you’re using it in. If you’re using it in a Semcycle or Schwinn frame, you’ll need the holes in the Schwinn seat post for the bolt to go through. If it’s the kind of frame with a seat post clamp, you don’t need the holes and can just use a United seat post. I don’t know if it would matter, since it’s the same width, if you used a seat post with holes in a frame that has a seat post clamp.

The holes are the only difference I see.

The length also depends on the size of wheel you’re using. You might need 350 mm in a 20 inch but only 300 mm in a 28.