Any Denver unicyclists?

I am going to be in Denver 10/4 thru 10/7. I plan to bring a muni to do some riding on the afternoons of the 4th and the 6th, and possibly the evening of the 5th. Any tips on places to ride in the city near the downtown (I won’t have a car)? Or, any local riders want to ride?

I’m in Denver and would love to meet up and ride but will be out of town those days. Check out the meetup group who meet once a week for rides. Maybe you could convince someone to pick you up or have a city ride.

Im in Denver.
Working on the 4th, day off on the 5th and work the 6th but am free in the evening on all days.
Send me a private message and we can try to meet up.
There are some easier trails in my neighborhood or could drive to the mountains. If you could free up the 5th a mountain ride would be fun.

I just spent some time in Denver and one of the best things I did was to take the bus to Boulder, it leaves from the main station and takes less than an hour. Boulder is where the Rocky Mountains start, and there are lots of great trails around there. Check here for more information:

So if you have the time you should definitely ckeck it out!