Any cool tricks?

Does anybody know of a really cool looking trick that is really easy? Thanks!

Well I don’t know if any tricks on a uni are easy until you learn them. If I find any I will let you know.

learn to jump rope on a uni


One foot riding is not that hard and is really cool just takes some guts.
just have fun man enjoy what ever you learn!

How do you hop without holding the seat?

Do I just squeeze my knees together?

Side mounts are easier than they look in my opinion.


See my post on jumping rope in this thread

Squeeze your thighs against the saddle and squeeze your feet against the cranks.

kickup mounts are also much easier than they look…

i got mine on my 3rd try, i dunno if this is typical. u just gotta go for it, make sure you have yer feet in the right places


Really sorry for this, but…
‘RangerForrest’ were you the one who asked for more images on the tips and tutorials site? Please PM me and tell me a bit more specifically what you want. Thanks, and sorry everyone.