Any Coloradans out there?

I was wondering who here is from Colorado and where in Colorado you’re from. Maybe we can have a big unicycle shindig sometime, who knows?

I live in Littleton and the uni population round here is fairly high, so I was just wondering who else unicycles around here.

you’re around 300 miles away from me, so I really don’t know why I posted…

Ok, so now we’re up to two whole people for Colorado. Neat haha

Theres a bunch of Coloradians here, they will chime in maybe as this thread is bumped.

There is a Colo Muni-fest later towards the fall, search the site here for info.

I am always up for some riding now that the snow is mostly gone. Give a hollar when your going out.


I’m from Fort Collins, I don’t know any unicyclist up here, but I’ve seen one, last summer, on the trails I mountain bike.
I would be up for a ride, but I would probably be the slow one of the group, but my skills are coming along.

I’m not too far from Littleton, in Conifer. There are several new muni riders here. ranging from age of 10 - 50 yrs. We go on rides several times a week, but we did slow down a lot due to snow this winter. We’re back now though!

Add about 8 riders from Conifer to your list - and the number’s growing.

If you want to join us, we do Flying J Ranch (a GREAT beginner trail) regularly, and we’ll head down to the Buffalo Creek area a lot over the summer. No crazy fast riders here, but we’re all getting better. Some teenagers getting a lot better at trials too.

I also got a Nimbus 36" I want to ride, but I’m still a big chicken on it, even though it’s really fun. I have to go “down the hill” (Littleton area) to ride it because there’s very little pavement around here…

Let’s set up group rides for sure!

Some of my friends are really into unicycling, but haven’t been doing it enough to warrant a trip out to Moab for Muni Fest. But, if the opportunity arose to do some close to home muni’ing they’d love to come along.

So, me and my friend Michael were thinking of taking a trip up to Winter Park to ride the trails there, mainly because they have chairlifts, food, a terrain park (do they call it that for bikes?), and attractions for family members who might like to come, but not ride. I think it’d be really cool if a whole load of unicyclists showed up one day and took the trails by storm :sunglasses: .

King Soopers sells four packs of tickets that are actually cheaper than buying two individual tickets at the park itself, so if a group did go, there’d be a place to purchase cheap tickets.

Any thoughts on this idea of a Winter Park trip?

Conifer and Poof;
Post up when your riding next and I’m sure some of us will come along.

I haven’t ridden either but I understand that Sol Vista has a great trail system too, just down the road from WinterPark, and most downhillers seem to go there instead. Just an idea…

Definitely we need some more group rides this summer.
Maybe you can just bump this thread when you all have a ride planned, post up the ride info here and then we’ll know what’s up.

I know am looking for a ride this sat or sun!

yea, I’ll be starting up a uni club later this year (if given motivation) and will be recruiting new riders.

yeah, I’m from colorado(boulder area)

Well, ConiferMuni, her friend Evan and myself hit up the Buffalo Creek area for some great single track. What a fun area to MUni around, amazing trail surface, and some great downhills.

ConiferMuni sent me this picture, I hope you don’t mind me posting it.:slight_smile:

Who’s up for a ride next weekend??

Yes, Bondo, that was a fun ride. That final 3 miles of careening downhill has made my legs pretty darn sore!

I would definitely like to ride again this weekend. Bear Creek Trail? Buffalo Creek? Who knows?

Poof - I am also interested in the Winter Park idea, so keep us posted on that.

Also, SurfColorado, look up “jorge” on the members list. He’s from Ft. Collins and I’m sure he’d ride with you.

Boulder Over Here…dang rain has kept me in the past few days…

We haven’t pinned down exact details yet, but 2 or 3 of us from Conifer want to ride in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area on Sunday (June 1), late morning. We’d start on road #550 (off of 126), start on the Colorado Trail and go from there.

Let me know if you want to join us.

Saturday might work too, but I can’t do two big rides back to back, so one of them would have to be an easier ride…

I’m from Denver, and I was wondering if there are any trial riders around the Denver area? I am really close to cherry creek high school and there is a park with a “course” :slight_smile: perfect for trial riding!! A rushing waterfall and everything! :sunglasses:


(the land of eternal winter is nowhere near denver, but the valley I live in literally sucks in cold air)

Bump for the weekend.

Any plans firmed up for a Sunday ride?
(Email sent Ms ConiferMuni.)

Going to be a beautiful weekend here!


Fort Collins Uni

I’m in Fort Collins as well. I uni every now, mostly to get around town. I’m considering buying a used Nimbus 36er and if that’s the case I’d love to get together and wheel around town with some people.

The Nimbus is for sale for $450. It has an airfoil rim, touring handle, and KH Fusion Freeride saddle and has about 100 miles on it. Is this a good price?

good parts, but unless it’s like new I would go for a little less